M2TD takes quality to a whole new level

Data consulting company attains world class ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

Johannesburg, 19 Mar 2018
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The importance of quality management should not be underestimated, since those organisations whose products and services consistently meet customer's requirements, and whose quality is consistently improved, are more easily able to differentiate themselves from their competition. M2TD Consulting has joined these ranks, having been awarded an ISO 9001 certification by the South African arm of international standards organisation BSI.

Established a decade ago, M2TD Consulting is a level 1 BBBEE organisation with 100% black women ownership and is a well-respected specialist in the data field. The company operates both locally and internationally and partners with global blue chip organisations to deliver best-in-class solutions tailored to meet clients' precise requirements.

David Matshane, CEO at M2TD states that the company is extremely proud to have attained this certification.

"I believe the ISO 9001: 2015 certification will help us to stand out from the crowd, as it is clear evidence that our governance, efficiencies and business processes have been significantly improved. Thus, we can assure clients that their data is stored, moved, secured, analysed and integrated according to world class standards," he says.

The company undertook a rigorous and complex three-phased approach to achieve this certification, he explains. "Initially, we needed to ensure complete alignment across the organisation, followed by performing a gap analysis to determine what was available and what was required. Once these gaps were closed, it was necessary to conduct both internal and external audits to ensure we met the requirements of the certification."

He explains that this approach entailed significant training for various individuals within the business, as well as the implementation of change management to ensure that all employees understood the modifications that were made to the company's business processes. In essence, he adds, it was about getting everyone involved to ensure they were all singing from the same hymn sheet.

"In a scenario like this, it is equally critical to have commitment from the management team, and for the board to display leadership qualities, as this creates a following within the organisation and allows the new behaviour to become part of the company culture."

Charlene Holm, General Manager for System Certification at BSI South Africa points out that the standards organisation has been around for more than 100 years and is considered to be the first standards body in the world.

"With our history, we choose our partners very carefully and it is an honour and a privilege to have M2TD as our newest customer. Your business has worked very hard to attain this certification and this is a great achievement and should provide you with the platform to continue improving both your efficiencies and your standards."

Matshane adds that the company is particularly thrilled with the impact this certification will have on its standing with key international partners, including BT, who have a very strong governance focus.

"The ISO award will give us that much more confidence in the quality we deliver in respect of everything we do, say and touch. Moreover, it essentially provides us with a ticket to the game in the marketplace we play in, namely the world of governance, which tends to be dominated by the large multinationals that are our direct competitors.

"What is really exciting is that we view this certification as only the beginning - our next target is to attain the ISO 27000 certification, which is strongly focused on security. As an ICT security specialist, we are eager to obtain a certification like this, which addresses our compliance to security regulations. In this age of ever-increasing security threats and cyber attacks, ensuring we attain the relevant certification here is definitely the next step forward on our path of growth," he concludes.

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