IT automation breakthrough for the midsize business

How new approaches to monitoring, standardisation and advanced automation can measurably increase productivity, improve IT services to your midsize business (with the same technician headcount).

Johannesburg, 26 Jul 2013
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Confronted by shrinking or frozen budgets and a tough business climate, many IT professionals are under unrelenting pressure to find more innovative ways to contribute to their organisation's success - and deliver NOC and IT services to a consistent and reliable standard. Increasingly, this mandate must be achieved with existing or fewer in-house IT resources.

Despite the importance of reliable, standardised IT service delivery, N-able's research with partners and midsize enterprises around the world reveals that few IT professionals have well documented processes that are used by all technicians. More often than not, IT professionals are scrambling in a reactive "break-fix" service delivery mode. With this approach, technicians are deployed in a kneejerk reaction to resolve unanticipated IT problems. The environment is generally chaotic with precious little time for proactive or strategic IT planning. As a result, IT services are often delivered to different standards or no standards at all. Achieving new breakthroughs in service levels and IT technician productivity are unlikely to come from working harder or by deploying large management suites that often fail to meet the specific needs of midsize businesses.

What is required is a new approach to network systems management (NMS) - one that is based on best IT practices and operationalised through an end-to-end monitoring and advanced automation capability. This is the focus of this white paper.

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