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Leading Canadian software provider partners with Clarotech Consulting

Clarotech set to help South African big business weather the perfect storm.

Cape Town, 20 Jun 2013
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N-Able Technologies (based in Canada) has partnered with Clarotech Consulting to offer corporate South Africa direct access to its leading remote monitoring and management automation solutions. The N-Central software is able to generate immediate return on investment and reduce costs by automating tasks that would otherwise require manpower and time.

N-Able Technologies is best known for providing its services to an established global network of MSPs who assist over 70 000 small to medium-sized businesses and has recently appointed Clarotech Consulting as the reseller of its N-Central software as a solution (Saas) offering in South Africa.

A major benefit of this arrangement for corporate SA is that monitoring and management tasks remain in-house, allowing companies to retain control of their IT networks and server infrastructure without the time delays and expense of dealing with a third-party service provider.

"The partnership with Clarotech has been formed to address the increasing demand from South Africa's big businesses to automate their basic IT tasks," said Robert Grapes of N-Able Technologies. "Clarotech Consulting has always demonstrated an expert understanding of our systems in the SME sector and we are now looking forward to working with them to develop our business within the corporate market."

Colin Fair of Clarotech Consulting mirrored this enthusiasm, saying: "Full details of the N-Central packages will be revealed at the N-Able road show, which kicks off with a session in Cape Town on 16 July 2013."

One of the session topics will be "Pursuing Operational Excellence", which discusses how rapidly changing elements are combining to create the perfect storm that will present IT departments with some of the most significant challenges ever faced. Defensive and offensive strategies will be discussed that can assist IT departments in preparing for the storm.

Delegates will learn about the benefits of monitoring linked to ad-hoc, scheduled or self-healing maintenance. They will also learn about advanced automation techniques to help scale IT, cloud and mobile service delivery while maintaining tight control over IT spend. Finally, the session will show how reporting can provide the kind of objective evidence needed to show the value of IT-related efforts; the means to justify the means, so to speak.

For further information or to attend the workshop, please contact Nicola Marsh of Clarotech Consulting on (021) 689 5330 or e-mail her at

Clarotech Consulting

Clarotech Consulting is an IT infrastructure company offering IT support and consulting services to the SME market in the Western Cape and Gauteng. It is also a leading provider of PBX products and Asterisk support to SMEs, corporates and dedicated call centres throughout southern Africa. Clarotech's flagship PBX product is shift*eight, a software-based VOIP telephone system capable of processing and managing high call volumes while safeguarding call quality.

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