CommVault intelligent archive solution makes content retention, compliance and cloud storage more affordable

Johannesburg, 22 Oct 2013
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* New Simpana Reference Copy software integrates data management and content-based retention to lower the cost, complexity and risk of storing business and compliance data
* Reduces long-term storage costs and capacity needs by up to 70% or more
* Improves records management, e-discovery and corporate governance by automatically organising, classifying and storing only necessary data and speeding search and access
* Enables efficient online archives with seamless cloud platform integration, including new support for AWS Glacier, to make cloud storage practical and affordable

CommVault (NASDAQ: CVLT) today announced a new content-based retention solution that enables enterprises to keep only data that is important to the business and move beyond the costly and commonly used "keep everything" approach to data management.

Leveraging Simpana Reference Copy can reduce long-term storage costs and capacity needs by up to 70% when compared to traditional approaches to data retention. Organisations can make sense of their content, streamline discovery to improve insight, and make smart decisions about how they want to retain it, while at the same time making cloud storage from providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Rackspace a practical reality through the industry's most advanced data classification and retention capabilities.

Legacy solutions that focus on backup or force customers to archive irrelevant data, without compliance, evidentiary or other organisational value, increase overall costs and risk and inhibit cloud adoption. Traditional archive platforms are cumbersome and make it difficult to secure, find and recover siloed data across the enterprise. Long-term data retention approaches need to be automated, flexible and granular. According to Gartner, most organisations (62%) still do not utilise any specific tools to help them understand and to make decisions on the retention/management of their unstructured data. Archiving is starting to better penetrate organisations, but this is often just moving the problem from primary storage to a less expensive archive.

CommVault intelligent archive addresses information governance, cost concerns

Simpana Reference Copy addresses these emerging requirements by leveraging the intelligence and efficiency of Simpana ContentStore to collect, organise, index and classify data based on user-defined policies. Once data is centralised in the ContentStore, CommVault's hardware-agnostic virtual repository, Reference Copy provides automated, granular policies for tiering, retention and classification that allow business to keep only the most relevant files and e-mails. Enabling cost-effective, online, long-term storage, centralised search and self-service access for analytics and e-discovery, make Simpana software ideal for highly regulated or litigious industries that must retain data for seven or more years, such as healthcare, government and education.

Accelerating the journey to the cloud

Reference Copy's ability to reduce the overall cost for online capacity and data transfers makes cloud storage more affordable, secure and easier to manage. Business-defined policies identify data to be retained and reduce the amount of data being moved into and out of the cloud. When used in tandem with Simpana 10's content indexing and search capabilities, which provide detailed previews, Reference Copy can help provide access to archived content without needing to access the cloud. The efficiencies of Reference Copy, combined with Simpana software's native connectivity with more than a dozen cloud platforms, including integration for AWS Glacier, can speed the adoption of cloud storage for all enterprises.

Optimising data retention with CommVault Consulting Services

CommVault Consulting Services helps clients architect management environments and deploy long-term retention, compliance and cloud strategies to optimise their data and information management environments. Two of the newest archiving consulting services now available from CommVault include:

* Data Classification & Archive Policy Design - Synthesises legacy archive strategies with current business, compliance, records retention and e-discovery requirements to help transform a client's traditional operation into an intelligent archive.
* Electronic Records Management Design - Provides assessment to assist with designing and recommending technical and business requirements for records retention management and potential e-discovery actions.


Reference Copy is immediately available as part of the Simpana 10 software platform from CommVault or its global PartnerAdvantage reseller network of channel, OEM, managed service provider and distributor partners. You can learn more about CommVault's Intelligent Archive solutions during our virtual event on 21 November 2013.

Supporting quotes

* David West, senior vice-president, worldwide marketing and business development, CommVault:

"Storage costs today are out of control due to data growth, much of which is caused by legacy solutions and outdated 'keep everything' approaches to information management. The key to efficient data management and intelligent archiving is to eliminate irrelevant data, keeping only what you need to ensure information transparency, accountability and defensibility across the business. By leveraging Simpana Reference Copy and the ContentStore, users can not only ensure that data is classified, organised and retained in a secure way, but they can control and use big data for a competitive advantage and bring value to their organisations."

* Eric Sheppard, Research Director, Storage Software at IDC:

"Businesses increasingly struggle not only with exponential data growth but also with how, what and where to keep that data. IT teams strive to provide value back to their organisation, yet users continue to drown in a deluge of data. CommVault's new content-based retention feature has policy-driven rules that allow the flexibility to design and customise rules around the data they want to retain and how they want to retain it. This is particularly useful in highly regulated work environments where managing risk is critical to the business operation."

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