allaboutXpert's partnership with Galorath expands its project estimation solution offering

allaboutXpert's exciting partnership with Galorath expands its project estimation solution offering to include total cost of ownership modelling.

Cape Town, 30 Mar 2015
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allaboutXpert has partnered with Galorath, an international industry leader in parametric estimation modelling toolsets. This partnership not only adds a total cost of ownership (TCO) model to allaboutXpert's stable of parametric project estimation solutions, but also improves the parametric models and functionality offered as part of its estimation services.

Software development projects can be difficult to plan for and manage. A TCO model provides answers to questions related to total cost analysis, including cost of software maintenance, implementation costs related to costs connected to network infrastructure, and how software maintenance needs can impact the risk profile of the project .

Dan Galorath, CEO of Galorath, is one of the pioneers of function point sizing and parametric estimation modelling. Leveraging off sophisticated modelling technology and project applicable knowledge bases, Galorath provides the most comprehensive, intuitive tools in the industry, with a broad portfolio of solutions organised into the following tried and tested solution families:

* SEER for Software
* SEER for IT
* SEER for Hardware, Electronics and Systems
* SEER for Manufacturing

As the exclusive South African partner of Galorath, allaboutXpert is now able to respond to the increasing need within the project community to provide TCO estimates on software development projects.

Analysing not only development costs, but the TCO, is a critical component of ensuring value is obtained from any proposed IT project. The challenge in doing so is largely due to difficulties in determining where costs will be incurred across software development, software maintenance, and IT infrastructure and support services. The primary models that will support TCO estimates supplementing allaboutXpert's key estimation services are SEER for Software and SEER for IT.

Through the use of these advanced models, in conjunction with the proven aaX consulting processes and toolsets provided to allaboutXpert's clients over the past four years, allaboutXpert believes this partnership will significantly enhance its capability to better support agile project estimation, create custom sizing mechanisms based on client-specific metrics, and stay abreast with the evolution of technology and function point sizing.

For more information on allaboutXpert's Estimation Services, and for more information on the Galorath parametric estimation models, please contact allaboutXpert.

1 Galorath (2011) available from:

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