Duxbury appointed Lantech distributor

Duxbury will distribute Lantech's networking products, including switches, converters and accessories.

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Duxbury Networking has been appointed a distributor for Lantech, a networking products manufacturer.

Duxbury says Lantech's "ruggedised" industrial offerings are targeted at applications in harsh operating environments, where solutions for the delivery of universal Ethernet services are increasingly in demand.

"They are designed to be significantly more durable than conventional offerings," says Andy Robb, CTO at Duxbury Networking. "Fitted with IP30 protective casings, they offer a higher degree of protection against foreign particle ingress, the ravages of rust and damage caused by inadvertent impacts, than products relying on regular plastic enclosures.

"This makes them eminently suitable for application-critical network environments in maritime, desert, mining, road and rail transport, and many other environments where dust, moisture, motion or hazardous materials may be encountered."

Robb adds that all Lantech products are subject to tests for electromagnetic interference and are compliant with accepted industrial safety standards. They also undergo stability tests, which include free-fall, shock and vibration analyses, he explains.

"Wider operating temperatures, ranging from -40^0C to 75^0C, are available for some models, which allow for operation in more critical environments with extreme weather influences," he says. Lantech's core competency is centred on its network software and hardware. They are integrated with Pro-Ring, Lantech's proprietary auto network recovery protocol, and Lantech-View, a sever-client utility for monitoring and configuring multiple switches simultaneously."

He expects Lantech's solutions will encourage the development of new business opportunities and marketing innovations for Duxbury-accredited resellers and dealers where network installations in operations such as shale gas mines, solar power plants and wind farms present new challenges.

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