Datacentrix fulfils Red Hat Premier Business Partner ambitions

Johannesburg, 27 May 2022
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Hybrid IT systems integrator and managed services provider Datacentrix has achieved its goal of achieving Red Hat Premier Business Partner status in South Africa, becoming one of only a handful of local partners to reach this partnership level from the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions.

“Open source technology has gained an even greater foothold with enterprise leaders since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic,” explains Shawn Marx, Business Unit Manager: Converged Solutions at Datacentrix. “In fact, a recent Red Hat paper, the fourth ‘The State of Enterprise Open Source: A Red Hat Report’, found that 92% of IT leaders surveyed feel enterprise open source solutions are important to addressing their COVID-related challenges. Outside of the pandemic challenges, the report found that 95% of respondents view enterprise open source as important to their organisation’s overall enterprise infrastructure.”

“We’re seeing serious uptake of open source technology across Africa currently, allowing businesses to cut costs, increase flexibility and accelerate the digital economy. And because our collaboration with Red Hat has been a continued focus for Datacentrix, we’re staying ahead of the curve to meet these demands,” Marx continues. “We’ve worked hard to reach the Red Hat Premier Business Partner level, with serious investment, and are very excited to continue bringing Red Hat’s enterprise open source solutions to local businesses.”

“The Red Hat Premier Business Partner recognition demonstrates Datacentrix’s capabilities to solve client challenges and build integrated solutions,” adds Graeme Dendy, Services Manager for Converged Solutions at Datacentrix. “And in order to meet the requirements of a Premier Business Partner, Datacentrix has beefed up its pre-sales delivery, sales and technical skills, and also delivered solutions to the requisite number of reference sites. We currently hold a specialisation in infrastructure but, moving forward, will also be looking to deepen our expertise to include other aspects of the Red Hat portfolio over time.”

Speaking on Datacentrix’s Premier Business Partner status, Dion Harvey, Regional General Manager Sub-Saharan Africa, Red Hat, says: “It’s a testament to African suppliers’ commitment to offering robust and reliable open source technologies across the continent. We are very proud to have partners who share our vision of enabling enterprises with the solutions they need, solutions that not only maximise their ICT capabilities, but that also strengthen and make them industry leaders in their respective markets. With modernisation a priority for all businesses, Red Hat and open source are available to help and make a difference.” 

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