Curro set to establish online-only school

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SA’s largest private education group Curro is set to launch a “new school" that will offer online-only teaching.

Curro says the effects of COVID-19 are changing the world forever and the need for online education is growing more apparent.

Online teaching and learning has surged in SA since the COVID-19 lockdown was announced in March.

With an unclear time frame as to when the full shutdown will be lifted, South African parents and pupils are becoming accustomed to the online learning space and more schools are offering a variety of e-resources to suit curriculum needs.

Private firms have also seized the opportunities in cyber space education and have been offering multiple options.

This week, MultiChoice announced it will offer online learning services through its Udemy platform, granting access to 600 free courses offered on the platform to DSTV subscribers.

At the beginning of May, Hewlett Packard also ventured into e-learning with new platform, HPE Digital Learner, providing access to education and skills.

Similarly, Curro says it has “identified a need among parents who are struggling to juggle home-schooling with their work, or are looking for an affordable online programme that will still give their child access to class-time with qualified teachers”.

It adds: “As it stands, many parents are also concerned about sending their children back to school once schools reopen, especially those with immune-compromised family members. Curro Online is a response to all these pressing needs.”

According to the education firm, Curro Online is the group’s first online school that offers a flexible yet structured learning approach.

“Curro Online is not a home-schooling model, where parents need to take on the responsibility of teaching and continuous supervision. It is a learn-from-home model with CAPS curriculum-aligned online material created and taught by Curro teachers.”

Curro says there is a structured timetable in place for the learner that needs structure, as well as the option to be flexible for those that work well at their own pace.

“The structured timetable has teachers initiating each class, and guiding learners through pre-set material on the online platform. The parent thus assumes a smaller supervisory role similar to the role they would normally fill (for example, checking that the learner has done their homework). Once matric is phased in, learners will write the IEB examination.”

The group says Curro Online is a viable solution for the growing need of parents to ensure their child’s academic career is not disrupted by current world events.

“It is a solution that aligns with the needs of the fourth industrial revolution, and will prepare the learners for a technology-rich future, where work-from-home possibly becomes the norm.”

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