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Johannesburg, 14 Dec 2018
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Warren Buffet says in the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield. As another new year draws to a close, we want to look at our rear-view mirror and soberly assess the year that has gone by, but, most importantly, draw on some key lessons that will help to catapult us into the new year with renewed energy and vigour. It is in this same spirit that we are excited to share some evolutions and key insights that Maredi Technologies has garnered this year.

2018 started on a great note. We had the pleasure of welcoming new and iconic partners into our stable, which allowed us to augment and provide a wider menu of services and products to our solutions bouquet. As a company that is passionate about leading in delivering superior customer experience, these partnerships have taken our creative and customer-centric strategies to a new and competitive level. We are proud to say we are building a next-generation business that is high-impact driven and focused on new technological and competitive solutions.

Our pursuit of consistent improvement in a tough industry was recognised and celebrated by various organisations. We were selected as a nominee for the Vision 2030 SMME Award, Top Young Executive and Fast Growth Awards from the National Business Awards, and Business Innovation from the TT100 Awards. These accolades are a great tribute to the remarkable performance and success we have achieved this year. They also have given us a different perspective about the aptitude of our work and how our brand stands out from the crowd. These awards have served to enhance the credibility of our business and they symbolise a huge thumbs up and recognition from our peers and industry that we are on the right path.

If it is true that the measure of a business leader is performance, then we can be proud to say the captain of our ship, Maredi Thema, has performed at the highest levels of business leadership. This year he was featured in highly respected and recognised publications such African Decision-Leadership Magazine, Financial Mail, Black Business Quarterly Magazine. Thema is a constant reminder that great businesses mirror the quality and calibre of its leaders.

We are also excited to share with you that in the coming year, with transformation in mind, we will be exploring new ventures and reimagining our business in terms of more disruptive and creative customer-centric strategies, and new technological capabilities. We will delve into new spaces and cultures in the region and internationally as part of our business design mandate, to constantly remain competitive and innovative. Moreover, within our service offering bouquet, we will be adding new services, such as the contact centre and enterprise solutions portfolio, which means we will be able to cater to a new crop of customers.

In closing, we believe as Maredi Technologies, the big ideas that made us think differently this year were the ones that centred on a simple yet overlooked business concept of remembering to focus on the basics. When chasing big deals, it is easy to simply take one's eyes off some of the less complex functions of the business. But, these simple elements of the business, we have discovered, are fundamental, especially within a context where a company's ability to quickly recognise, respond to and act on the trends that arise can mean its success or failure.

The ever-increasing and changing market environment that companies such as Maredi Technologies operate within, where the existence of disruptions demands that we have inbuilt capabilities and systems that can adapt to such disruptions while evaluating our ROI, requires us to have the basics under control. Because of this simple yet business-altering truth, we as a company have learnt that being able to successfully meet the mark and our targets is not only based on achieving high-level goals, but it is also about always keeping our eyes on the basics. Simple, but this idea has forced us to rethink and re-evaluate the amount of attention to detail we give to our operating models. Our winning strategy for operations moving into the new year is to always work on improving the basics within our business.

As mentioned above, our proud partnerships are important building blocks in our company's ability to effectively drive business performance; in essence, these partnerships have given our business an important competitive edge. We therefore would like to thank all those who have come alongside us to make this year a success. Your continued support and confidence has made all the difference.

As we look towards 2019, we understand that the success we have managed to achieve demands more from us in terms of being able to provide next-generation solutions and product strategies. We therefore remain committed in investing and building into new capabilities and driving improvements across our entire value chain. We march on towards the goal of being a formidable business force in the industry, towards pushing the envelope and challenging what is possible for us.

2019 is going to be an exciting chapter in our chronicles of industry domination.

Wishing you a great festive season and happy new year.

See you in 2019.

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