White paper: seven step guide to IT asset management success

Johannesburg, 05 Apr 2018
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White paper: Seven-step guide to IT Asset Management Success.
White paper: Seven-step guide to IT Asset Management Success.

Without a solid plan and a streamlined process, it is difficult to track and manage all your hardware, software, virtual, and non-IT assets from one place. Therefore, implementing an IT asset management (ITAM) process is the right thing to do. It also brings you plenty of benefits. It can help you cut down extra maintenance costs, use licences optimally, reduce the number of unused assets and security risks, gear up for audits, increase the efficiency of other ITIL processes, make effective purchasing decisions, formulate precise budgets, and do more. These seven IT asset management best practices will help you overcome ITAM challenges, reap maximum benefits, and revolutionise the way you manage your IT assets.

An ITAM process helps you

* Quantify the total value of unused hardware and software applications. This helps optimise asset usage and cut down extra maintenance costs.

* Identify stolen hardware and software applications. According to Gartner, about 5% of assets are stolen annually. To minimise the losses due to theft, you should be able to identify and replace the stolen components as soon as possible.

* Plan for the future. You can assess the adverse impact of aging hardware on IT and avoid unprecedented losses. This helps you make decisions on new asset purchases and dispose or repair aging equipment.

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