Third-party warranty upliftment, Care4IT, lets customers sweat assets longer, avoiding huge outlays spent on hardware refreshes

Johannesburg, 09 Dec 2019
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Christopher Cox
Christopher Cox

With the increasingly challenging economic outlook teetering on recession, companies need to face the concerns of utilising existing assets, applying for the little capital available or outlaying capital and budget spend on refreshing their hardware with the most-up-to-date versions and hoping the new systems are compatible with the current infrastructure.

SPL’s Care4IT offering is a product assisting dealers with warranty extensions to their customers and SLA upliftments (up to four years for its next business day SLA) in order to extend the life cycle of high-value electronics. It offers an advanced part upliftment value-added service for dealers to add extended warranties to the OEM warranty on all brands.

Care4IT will not only offer a part exchange, but improve the existing OEM one-year warranty period to a three- or five-year period. Depending of the SLA agreement, it can offer a next-day delivery on a spare part to the distributor and the OEM part can then be returned when it gets delivered to the end-user!

Care4IT is a sister company to SPL, a brand with 30 years in the IT parts industry, with many OEM accreditations. With decades of experience in the parts industry, it has developed a reputation for meeting and beating service level agreements time and time again; and for supporting dealers in parts distribution, logistics and repair services.

With this collaboration, if a customer's hardware does not perform, Care4IT is able to offer upgrades, warranty extensions, repair on site or carry in spares on numerous parts including servers, laptops, desktops and more! As an example: a device is in its four-year warranty period and the machine has failed – Care4IT fetches said device on the same day, assesses the machine, refreshes and upgrades it if needed, and returns it on the next business day.

SPL’s sophisticated iSuppli stock profiling and advanced software tracking and forward stocking locations (parts delivery facilitated delivery on up to two-hour SLAs) and packed with IT parts enables it to accurately plan for and predict failure rates and always have plenty of stock on hand to keep those machines running.

Why choose Care4IT?

  • Resellers have the option to rebrand or ‘white label’ – this eliminates all potential risks and ensures dealers can maintain strong relationships with their own customers.
  • Simple upsell, providing upfront profit with no associated costs or labour, and improving customer satisfaction over time.
  • Care4IT takes care of all warranty servicing and costs.
  • Customers can expect far better service levels with Care4IT than OEM industry norms – often within hours and days, making it more reliable than OEMs.
  • Care4IT has never missed a corporate SLA yet, and it has a retail SLA fulfilment rate of over 98%.
  • Care4IT offers full visibility on its services on an online platform – dealers do not have to be involved in the process at all, but are able to track and monitor each order placed from beginning to end.
  • Offer flexibility on all packages and can tailor-make products and packages to suit all needs.
  • Asset classes including server, storage, network and PC/laptops.

As a dealer, the benefits of utilising Care4IT are numerous:

  • No need to ever hold spare parts again – thus eliminating any potential obsolete item or having to strip a machine for a ‘hard to find' item.
  • No need to collect or deliver to the customer, Care4IT handles that for you.
  • Flat monthly costs – no unexpected part costs.
  • Eliminate time spent on sourcing products and have peace of mind with predictable lead times.
  • Off balance sheet = cash is not tied up in stock.
  • No management time involved.

As spokesperson of Care4IT, Christopher Cox, mentioned: “We are constantly working on new solutions and ensuring all our software is up to date for both our dealers and their customers to ensure that our methodology is always at the forefront of hardware support.

Care4IT offers a level two B-BBEE level, thus providing companies with 125% procurement recognition.

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