Real-time communication with your customers. Yes, but how?

Cape Town, 18 Jun 2018
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A major part of a seamless customer experience, is being available on all your customers' preferred communication channels. Interaction should be instant, and identical throughout the many channels that can be used throughout the customer journey. To achieve this, choosing the right communication platform as a service, is essential.

Even though your client base may be scattered over numerous platforms, your own communication flow, preferably, is not. Meeting the expectations of your customers when monitoring different coexisting platforms, is not realistic. And this expectation not only concerns speed, but high security as well: especially in the long run, with channels like RCS business messaging and WhatsApp being added to the list.

If you want to gain and keep a competitive advantage, a reliable and innovative CPAAS (communications platform as a service) is what you need.

What exactly can you do with a CPAAS?

Imagine a customer using your app comes across a problem and needs technical support. By having a communication channel that is integrated directly into your app, your customer has the easiest way of reaching you.

Moreover, you already have all relevant information connected to his or her profile, providing the best experience possible. Having the communication channel integrated, not only prevents frustration, but will have a great impact on the customer experience, satisfaction and retention.

Connecting to a communications platform as a service, allows you to easily integrate all chosen communication channels directly into your own software.

In addition, it gives you the freedom to use those channels exactly the way you want to, which wouldn't be the case if you used several individual suppliers. Furthermore, having all channels 'plugged in' from one platform, transferring contacts and working together with other colleagues becomes easier. Everything is possible in just one click.

CM's communications platform as a service

That is the ease of use you only get when using a reliable and innovative CPAAS. First and foremost, you'll want this CPAAS to offer all communication channels you need to integrate. This could include SMS, e-mail and Push, but also chat apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Business (coming soon). Furthermore, you'll also want to be prepared for the latest in mobile communication: RCS business messaging.

CM allows you to integrate all available communication channels into your own software, using smart APIs. But this isn't limited to messaging channels alone. You can also make use of our voice and security solutions. After all, Identifying or recognising your online customer is becoming increasingly critical in avoiding cyber crime.

To ensure all features of the communication platform are fully functional, the platform and its content is constantly monitored. That also means 24/7/365 support.

* Easy to integrate into existing software.
* Listed in the global CPAAS top-10.
* Offers all relevant channels, from SMS and RCS to Push and more.

What's more, as a CM user, you have access to free and detailed insights via CM analytics. CM analytics offers aggregated and detailed insights into SMS and Voice communications and real-time trends, giving you the ability to adapt your mobile strategy directly.

Want to experience the benefits of CM's CPAAS yourself? Visit CM's page for more info or register here and start using the many platform features today!

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