Equifax battles identity theft

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Equifax battles identity theft

Equifax has released SecureMark, an electronic and digital certificate solution for online banking, aimed at combating the problem of identity theft, says Business Credit Management UK.

The company says as more consumers use the Internet for their day-to-day banking needs, issues around the security, as well as the speed and efficiency of the process bring several challenges to the banking industry.

SecureMark utilises Equifax eIDverifier, which is an identity verification system that authenticates the consumer online, before issuing a digital certificate for use in online communication and transactions.

VeriSign implements one-time passwords

VeriSign plans to offer bank cards with an integrated one-time password generator aimed at providing two-factor authentication, says SDA India.

The company has joined hands with Innovative Card Technologies, which makes banking cards with one-time pass-codes inserted in them.

The pass-code is utilised by a customer simultaneously with a banking customer's static personal identification number for online banking transactions. This provides more security for the customer.

Cardinal Bank's free mobile banking

Cardinal Bank has released a free mobile service, called Go Cardinal, says Banking Business Review online.

This will allow customers to access their bank accounts from their mobile phones. Customers can also look up interest rates and locate a banking centre or ATM.

Go Cardinal mobile banking is encrypted using the wireless transport layer security protocol.

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