WhatsApp Business and virtual landlines

Setting up WhatsApp Business with United Telecoms

Johannesburg, 25 Jan 2021
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WhatsApp Business is a new, dedicated smartphone app that allows businesses to engage with their customers through chats, calls and voice messaging, all while using their United Telecoms business or virtual landline number. This tool is particularly appealing to small business owners, who are now able to sync their business's existing landline number to provide cost-effective customer support and notifications via WhatsApp messenger chats or even add WhatsApp Business chat functionality directly to their Web sites, enabling these small business owners to build and maintain a personal and reliable customer relationship while delivering a professional 24/7 service through a familiar and user-friendly social media communications platform. 

WhatsApp Business is installed as an independent application on your smartphone or PC, allowing you to keep your personal and business conversations completely separate, but accessed through the same device. Customers can then be contacted for updates on delivery confirmations and times, notified of new product releases, and reminded about ongoing promotions through shared multimedia or links. Customers are able to contact a business either by message, voice message or WhatsApp calling. The business owner, however, is unable to call the client directly through WhatsApp Business and will need to use their existing landline or virtual landline to place calls to the customer.

United Telecoms provides virtual landlines to business of all sizes, from single users to large corporates. A virtual landline (numbers beginning with 011/0125/021/031 etc) creates an image of professionalism, trust and local accessibility to customers, while offering the owner the flexibility of remote working. It also removes the need for a business owner to provide strangers with their personal mobile number. Our UVC virtual landlines offer significant cost saving benefits, can be set up within minutes on a smartphone app extension, a PC-based softphone extension or via a traditional desk handset or cordless, and are all fully compatible with WhatsApp Business.

Additional features to explore:

  • Integrate with your existing CRM, such as Hubspot, to import your existing customers' contacts to your WhatsApp Business profile; and save all chats to your CRM.
  • Create and customise automated greeting messages and personalised “quick reply” message templates for frequently asked questions, or to share links to product information.
  • Set automatic “away” messages to let your customers know that you are currently unavailable.
  • Label chats to organise customers into categories.
  • Check statistics of the number of messages sent, delivered, received and read.

If you are interested in switching to a virtual landline, get a free quote or chat with the experts now on (086) 001 8500 or e-mail

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