Aura, Tracker build WhatsApp security chatbot

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Warren Myers
Warren Myers

Aura, a local security and medical response platform has debuted a WhatsApp security chatbot in partnership with vehicle tracking and recovery business, Tracker.

Powered by Aura, Tracker’s CareGuard service enables rapid mobile emergency response anywhere, anytime within SA. The solution allows subscribers to request immediate armed response assistance wherever they are by sharing a location pin in WhatsApp.

Warren Myers, founder and CEO of Aura, says the new WhatsApp service highlights the power of technology in preventing and combating crime as well as the role it plays in enabling local organisations to develop innovative security products and services.

“The Tracker CareGuard service is another important step towards increasing the accessibility of crucial emergency services in SA where the vast majority of people are unable to afford the benefits of private security.”

Myers says Aura’s aim is to deploy technology to create a more inclusive security landscape. WhatsApp is used by over two billion people across180 countries, and with its widespread popularity and reach in SA, it is the ideal delivery tool to put private security in the hands of those who need it at an affordable price point.

“Such a tool is not only easy to use, but is easily shareable too, making it a quick and responsive means of fighting crime,” he adds.

The Tracker CareGuard is a WhatsApp security chatbot that connects to Aura’s nationwide network of more than 1 500 armed responders. By employing AI and machine learning to streamline its system, CareGuard sees that the closest responders are dispatched to a distress call. 

Myers says technologies that enable broad access and the migration from static manned guards toward technology-based detection linked to fast human responses have the potential to make the biggest impact in eradicating crime. “Our data on-demand service uses statistical data to guide decision-making which in turn assists private security companies to become more affordable, accessible and effective.” 

Those who wish to test the service can do so by saving 0861 222 781 as a WhatsApp contact on their mobile device and typing ‘Hi’ in the chat to initiate a demonstration.

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