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Switchcom – SA’s leading wired and wireless solutions for businesses

Johannesburg, 04 Jun 2020
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Switchcom is one of South Africa’s leading innovative wired and wireless solutions companies. Founded in 2015, we supply a wide range of products for ICT, including fibre cable and accessories, structured cabling, installation material, VOIP material, solar solutions, surveillance cameras, wireless network equipment and more.

We supply our clients with a wide range of products that aid in our mission to give our clients a complete end-to-end solution. Among our services we have sales, training, technical support, distribution and financing for installers, Internet service providers, end-users, wireless Internet service providers, sub-distributors and resellers. We pride ourselves on connecting people and our business is fully dedicated to supporting clients in the best way we know how, which is by providing them with a valuable service that helps them to empower and elevate themselves.

It is Switchcom’s mission to serve clients with inspiration, passion and knowledge. We are always pushing ourselves to do better and continuously grow so that we can always give our clients the best possible service so they can, in turn, achieve their goals.

What does Switchcom offer? What brands? Authorised distributor?

Over the years, wireless networking has become immensely popular due to its flexibility. Our products are perfectly capable of ensuring that our clients find the most appropriate solution to suit their environment. Our company is South Africa’s only distributor for ALGCOM products, including armoured boxes, AC/DC UPSes, horn sectors and antennas, all of which are made to fit into even the most unique of installation requirements. We also distribute Ubiquiti, Mimosa, Poynting, MikroTik Master and Cambium products.

For those looking for wired networking products, we have everything you could possible require, from indoor and outdoor cabling to switches, routers, flyleads and patch panels.

We have a good understanding of the market that we serve and we know that our customers all have their own requirements and concerns surrounding their security.

Some of the many brands that we supply include Huawei, D-link, Extralink, Fortinet, Tenda, Trendnet, Netgear, Totolink, Mercusys and TP-Link.

We have also developed our very own in-house fibre range, which has been made to be high-quality and available at an affordable price. Some of the products we’ve manufactured include OTDRs, mid couplers, patch leads, pigtails, fibre cable, splicers and distribution boxes. For our splicers and OTDRs, we offer our clients daily, weekly or monthly rental options.

At Switchcom, we believe that we don’t only sell products, we sell solutions. This is particularly the case when it comes to our surveillance systems, which are the perfect solutions for residential, smart retail or banking.

Our team are experts when it comes to Hikvision and Dahua, and we do our best to ensure that our clients enjoy real value when it comes to the products they purchase. For video storage, we trust Western Digital, Samsung and Seagate.

It could be that you are looking for a complete solution or a simple end-user device; some of the VOIP brands that we find work best include Snom, Grandstream, Fanvil and Gigaset.

With our extensive solutions, our clients can focus all of their energy on their core business, while we will provide everything they might need. We provide our clients with a variety of installation materials, which include conduit, trunking, aluminium, galvanised poles, bolts, nuts, cable ties, brackets and more.

We can assist our customers with a range of value-added services:

Some of the value-added services we provide our customers with include:

  • The option of emergency stock collection on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, while we are also available over the quiet Christmas/New Year period.
  • We offer a few finance options, which range from the usual 30-day agreement to a helpful 120-day arrangement, freeing up businesses to go after big deals that in the past would have been out of their range.
  • Negotiating prices or matching prices where possible, especially on bulk orders.
  • Going the extra length to source those products that you need but are not on our list.
  • Providing free delivery for local orders exceeding R 2 500 locally and R 10 000 nationally, excluding VAT.
  • Switchcom is able to handle speciality orders internationally.

What are the benefits of using Switchcom in your business?

We’ve built our company around a specific although simple ethos, which is to deliver the best products and services. We aim to always go above and beyond for our clients and each time to exceed their expectations and give them everything they need to complete their projects.

We do our best to make sure that we are always available to our clients, even in those unforeseen emergency and system failure situations. Our stock is available over weekends and public holidays as well as over the Christmas/New Year period.

We also assist smaller companies to compete successfully with their bigger competitors. Our finance options can help smaller businesses grow.

We can also help companies save money by offering free delivery.

Where is Switchcom Distribution based?

Switchcom Distribution is situated in Johannesburg/Gauteng (49 Galaxy Ave in Linbro business park).

Step-by-step guide of how to get your hands on the highest quality brands in South Africa.

If you wish to become a dealer, please visit our Web site and fill in the application. Alternatively, you can contact one of our consultants and they will e-mail the application to you.

When you have registered, you can enjoy a range of wonderful benefits.

We also invite you to register with us if you are a telecommunications or networking technician, networking retailer, reseller, installer, service provider, ISP or WISP.

It is our goal to become southern Africa’s supplier of choice. 

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