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Johannesburg, 15 Sep 2020
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Mandla Ngcobo
Mandla Ngcobo

Accelerit Technologies has partnered with all major mobile operators to combine APN (Access Point Name) solutions with their product offering, now completing the connectivity package that enables you to build hybrid, work from anywhere, solutions.

“Working from home is a paradigm that will be with us for the forceable future. Ensuring that your workforce is equipped for ultimate productivity wherever and whenever is an absolute necessity!” said Mandla Ngcobo, Founder of Accelerit Technologies.

APN technology is not new, but the deployment of such services in today’s market is changing the way we can respond to a pandemic and “keep the ball rolling”. APNs can be deployed over a network of your choice and integrated with various cloud and business solutions with ease, making this a flexible way to connect anywhere, anytime.

One of the key attributes of an APN solution is the cost-effectiveness, as you can aggregate usage across all deployed SIM cards, monitor and create usage policies which can control abuse. Security comes to mind when connecting remotely, thus making an APN solution attractive due to its private nature that can be configured on devices as opposed to using any Internet connection.

So, how do we deploy an APN network for your enterprise? Simple, we create a secure connection via VPN (virtual private network) between the SIM cards issued to your employees and your office network so that they connect and work remotely as though they are still in the office. This means that all the policies configured for your office network are carried through to the SIM cards they utilise. “Additionally, we can activate as many SIM cards against your APN service from a mobile network of your choice, control and optimise usage while enjoying the benefits of GSM coverage,” continued Ngcobo.

Accelerit has deployed and managed many APN solutions successfully in the market and believes that this can be a quick fix in dealing with connectivity issues for employees who are working from hard-to-reach areas. We have been fortunate enough to work with corporates such as Accenture South Africa to support their connectivity initiatives. “Our team is absolutely ready to work and has the required skills to see to successful deployments of any cutting-edge technology,” added Ngcobo.

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