eBook: SLAs: The foundation for stronger customer relationships

Johannesburg, 02 Dec 2019
Read time 50sec

Your service level agreement (SLA) sets the tone for your relationship with a new client by outlining your responsibilities, your client’s responsibilities and the terms and timelines under which you will both work.

When you’re clear on expectations, you’ll be able to measure and manage the user experience in a meaningful way and position yourself as a trusted advisor. The better your agreement, the more you and your clients benefit.

By implementing SLAs, you can specify exactly what is (and is not) covered, document roles and responsibilities of both parties, and define service prerequisites that set you up for success. When done well, an SLA delivers peace of mind to your customers, who can refer to agreed on deliverables, see clearly defined terms of service and access specific instructions for support and escalation. This eBook explores the SLAs in more detail.

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