Corr-Serve enters SA market with security analytics offering

Johannesburg, 08 May 2018
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Corr-Serve, a new entrant in the IT operations category, today announced signing a distribution agreement with ExtraHop, the leader in real-time IT analytics for network performance management and security.

Corr-Serve is a sister company of AppCentrix, which provides managed services in real-time analytics and uses ExtraHop, among other leading monitoring technologies, as a platform. The company is a level one contributor to the B-BBEE codes of practice, with 100% black female ownership.

ExtraHop today also announced the general availability of its newest product, ExtraHop Reveal(x), in the Middle East & Africa region. Launched in January in the United States, this new security analytics product builds on enterprise-proven anomaly detection powered by wire data, giving security teams much-needed insight into what's happening within the enterprise, while automating the detection and investigation of threats.

By analysing all network interactions for abnormal behaviour and identifying critical assets in the environment, Reveal(x) focuses analysts' attention on the most important risks and streamlines response to limit exposure.

This announcement allows Corr-Serve to offer Reveal(x) in South Africa from the get-go.

"As the demand for IT analytics grows, systems integrators and customers are searching for solutions that uncover opportunities and threats across the entire IT landscape. Our quest is to provide the most advanced, intelligent products to provide real-time visibility of the network for business, security and IT. ExtraHop gives unprecedented real-time visibility, and we're proud to highlight it as the leading product in our portfolio," said Graeme Allcock, CEO of Corr-Serve.

The distributorship with Corr-Serve will allow ExtraHop to further deepen its reach in Corr-Serve's primary market of SA.

"The best partnerships are formed on a solid foundation of trust. ExtraHop has a steadfast partner in Corr-Serve, having worked with the core management team of AppCentrix for many years, using ExtraHop as part of a managed service in over 6 000 sites across the region. Working directly through Corr-Serve will mean the partnership will strengthen as we expand our reach," said Owen Cole, VP of Sales EMEA at ExtraHop. "Strategic partnerships with innovative companies like Corr-Serve are key to expanding our presence in the region."

ExtraHop has customers across the globe from various sectors, including healthcare, banking, tech, and education, including Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, Flight Centre and MediLink.

"Joining forces with ExtraHop means we have a leading solution to offer our customers to gain full visibility of their own network, not just for security, but for real-time analytics offering insightful business intelligence they previously were not able to see," concluded Allcock.

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