Migration from Orion to Libra recorders

Johannesburg, 04 Aug 2010
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Spescom DataVoice is proposing that all customers using Orion voice recorders from Spescom begin a phased migration to the latest iteration of this solution, the more enhanced Libra voice recorders.

This comes on the back of an announcement that Spescom DataVoice will provide limited support of Orion hardware for the next 12 months until 1 July 2011.

Spescom will offer assistance and support for an effective migration, with significant discounts when compared with a replacement.

Why migrate?

Spescom DataVoice developed its first digital recording device, called Orion, in 1989. It is a solid solution that even today is considered extremely robust and functional. In fact, the solution is still in use by many organisations.

However, there have been some groundbreaking technology developments over the last decade, and these have been incorporated into Spescom DataVoice's Libra solution.

Comments Kgabo Badimo, MD of Spescom DataVoice: "Technology is constantly changing. We have seen the introduction of open standards, voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), mobility, multimedia enablement and virtualisation, and the market is subsequently demanding more from recording devices. Applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), workflow, workforce management and workforce optimisation also require up-to-date technologies to operate effectively. In addition, the demands of business environments have changed with new regulatory requirements, the emergence of paperless contracting, business process outsourcing (BPO) and risk management processes, all of which are placing greater demands on recording devices.

"To ensure our customers can meet these new requirements, Spescom is proposing they migrate from the Orion technology to Libra recorders - a more modern product built on up-to-date architecture with enhanced functionality."

Why switch to Libra?

The Libra recorders feature an open Application Programming Interface (API), which allows easy integration into CRM, workflow and other business applications.

Libra runs effectively on industry standard third-party hardware. In terms of regulatory compliance, the functionality of the Libra Voice Recorder - its recording, retrieval and built-in tamper detection that ensures the recordings can be used in court if need be - underpin good corporate governance and mitigate risk.

All communication from Libra recorders are stored and tagged in one environment, including landline VOIP, digital, analogue, Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), mobile phones and radios.

The Libra recorder runs on Microsoft Windows, which has good security standards and reliability with enhanced processing power. It also has a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that allows more user-friendly and appealing statistics. Additionally, telephony interface cards are now available off the shelf, so there is no need for specially developed interface cards with Libra.

Libra provides 'out of the box' integration with Spescom DataVoice's Screen Recording; Spescom DataVoice's Qnique Quality Management, workforce management, many other CRM applications; and speech analytics applications.

"A locally developed product ensures Libra Voice Recorders suit the South African market, and consequently Spescom can provide a quick response to new requirements and access to development resources through the channel," comments Badimo.

Virtualisation with Libra provides easy management of multiple sites, proactive health monitoring, centralised storage with Nexus, support for Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) across the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). Furthermore, playback from the recorder or Nexus with the same Web-based front-end can be achieved from any location.

The migration process

"The migration will involve replacing the capturing devices or recorders only. The recording controllers, overall architecture, user interface and the PBX interface need not be changed. However, integration considerations will depend on where the integration needs to occur within the overall architecture," comments Badimo.

Spescom will offer assistance and support for an effective migration. In addition to migration discounts, it will provide a free architectural review and consultation to provide considerations for the architecture of the entire recording solution in order to better position it for the future. Spescom promises enhanced functionality on the new devices.

For further information, contact Kgabo Badimo on 011 266 1500.


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'Smart People. Clever Solutions' reflects who we are and why we are positioned to leverage current and future technology trends and developments to meet the dynamically shifting requirements of our customers and ensure their continued competitiveness.

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