Blue Turtle protects business-critical applications with Virsec

Johannesburg, 10 Jun 2021
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The need to re-think and re-engineer cyber defences is a priority; both our technology landscapes and the sophistication of cyber threats have changed way beyond what legacy security tools were designed to handle.

"As part of our own research, we have created a portfolio of exciting security solutions that we believe give cyber security teams active defence, adding prevention to detection and response,” says Martyn Healy, CTO, Blue Turtle.

“One area we have focused on is the protection of critical assets, your key business applications and key infrastructure systems. Attacks, particularly ransomware, now look to cause business outages, driving up the ransom price, while stealing sensitive information. This requires specific attention, as endpoint security tools do not address server workload protection adequately.”

Virsec provides a unique application-aware workload protection platform that incorporates system integrity assurance, application control and memory protection into a single solution. Virsec has in-depth visibility across the entire workload and detects and blocks known and unknown threats that remain undetected traditional endpoint security tools.

The Virsec difference is its focus on the application stack, including the OS – Virsec maps the expected operations of each application on a workload and protects the memory those applications use to execute. Virsec ensures that the components of those applications are correct and unmodified before they are allowed to execute, and any deviation from the norm is treated as a threat.

“Our partnership with Virsec is a key development in our active-defence strategy, an ‘always-on’ approach that is available to customers of all sizes, across data centre, cloud and hybrid environments,” ends Healy.

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