DataRobot, InterSystems sign integration and reseller agreement

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InterSystems, a provider of IT platforms for health, business, and government applications, has partnered with enterprise AI company DataRobot, to accelerate the application of AI in healthcare.

Through an integration and reseller agreement, InterSystems customers will be able to integrate predictions and insights from DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform into their healthcare applications.

Henry Adams, country manager of InterSystems SA, says the DataRobot enterprise AI platform platform will be integrated with InterSystems IRIS and  InterSystems IRIS for Health, its platform specifically engineered to extract value from healthcare data. The company says in enables rapid development and scaling of  the healthcare industry applications.

The partnership with DataRobot will make it easier for InterSystems users to leverage the power of AI to deliver high-quality care, improve patient experience, and reduce the cost of care, says Adam.

DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform will augment InterSystems’ IntegratedML, which gives developers access to AutoML capabilities directly from SQL. This allows InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health customers to embed predictions within their existing applications in an intuitive, scalable manner.

While InterSystems’ technology simplifies the data acquisition and other 'data wrangling', DataRobot’s technology simplifies the entire AI process, from feature engineering and modeling to deployment and monitoring. Integrated, the technologies can help accelerate the delivery and time-to-value of ML/AI capabilities in real-time applications, says Adam.

“One can only begin to imagine the vast impact this could have on a developing country such as our own, with the need for healthcare and pressure on the system on the rise,” he concludes.

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