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ProSolutions’ ATS on Huawei Cloud lowers barriers to entry for legal firm automation

Johannesburg, 12 Nov 2021
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George Thomas, Managing Director, Huawei Cloud (Southern Africa).
George Thomas, Managing Director, Huawei Cloud (Southern Africa).

A new partnership with Huawei Cloud is enabling ProSolutions to lower the barriers to entry to automation for South African law firms, with a niche solution to automate IP event management and renewal reminders. 

The ProSolutions ATS (Attorney Trademark System) – a docketing system designed to automatically manage the renewals of various trademarks – has been modernised and is now hosted on the Huawei Cloud, enabling ProSolutions to step up its focus on ongoing innovation. By hosting the solution on the Huawei Cloud, the company has reduced costs and enabled always-on access to its system, enabling even faster customer support.

“We have rebuilt ATS from the ground up to meet the changing needs of the market,” says Juan Paul Araujo, CEO of ProSolutions. “By hosting it on the Huawei Cloud, we have reduced the time previously spent on maintenance on-premises, and improved availability. It gives both us and our clients peace of mind knowing that ATS is underpinned by Huawei Cloud’s high availability and security, and that the data is stored in South Africa.”

Importantly, the modernisation and cloud migration has made ATS accessible to a broader market.

Araujo says many law firms still rely on handwritten calendars, diaries and Excel spreadsheets to manage docketing, adding unnecessary complexity and risk to important processes. “By automating event management and renewal reminders, they need never miss another deadline.”

Juan Paul Araujo, CEO of ProSolutions.
Juan Paul Araujo, CEO of ProSolutions.

ProSolutions notes that intellectual property law is an increasingly challenging field, with document digitisation and court calendaring systems making tracking of information more complex. Software to manage intellectual property allows attorneys to streamline processes such as client intake, billing management and deadline notifications. At its core, IP docketing software works like a virtual assistant to keep track of important dates for filing and responding to various actions, which is crucial in IP matters, where missing or not complying with deadlines could lead to increased expenses or even cause a mark to be abandoned and ultimately result in the loss of client rights. ATS provides a docketing solution developed in consultation with accredited trademark practitioners, making docketing, storing, updating and managing trademark information reliable and straightforward.

“As a cloud-based system, ATS is accessible via any web browser, so they can access their information wherever they are. And because the Huawei Cloud is hosted in South Africa, they can rest assured that sensitive data is kept secure and in-country,” he says.

ProSolutions has revised its ATS pricing along with the move to cloud, making the first tier product available for free, with no limits on features and functionality. “Because there is huge local demand for cost-effective solutions, we have adjusted our pricing model to be highly competitive, tiering it based on the number of docketing matters, instead of the number of users. With fewer than 20 docketing matters, ATS is available for free,” Araujo says.

ProSolutions customer Potomac Tobacco Company has the following to say about the solution: “ATS has significantly reduced our workload. Trademarks can now be captured in record time. All information is available at our fingertips, as well as copies of relevant documents if needed.”

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