Trend Micro extends mobile security portfolio

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Internet security company Trend Micro has unveiled a set of solutions to combat the unprecedented array of cyber attacks that are continually victimising individuals and enterprises via mobile platforms.

The solutions will help mitigate threats to mobile networks and devices, including product enhancements to support enterprises and consumers alike, says Trend Micro.

According to the company, these solutions are designed to defend against fast-evolving, sophisticated threats, to provide IT administrators with greater control over corporate devices and offer consumers an enhanced user experience.

The solutions include Safe Mobile WorkForce providing secure mobile access to corporate data from mobile devices and an improved user experience, while providing the mobile user data through a remote operating system delivered to their mobile device, the company says.

Trend Micro Mobile Security is a multi-platform security solution to secure users' data and privacy on Google Android, Apple iOS and Amazon Kindle devices. The solution provides first-rate secure Web browsing, privacy guidance for Facebook settings, threat protection and lost device protection, data backup and parental controls, says the organisation.

Trend Micro says Mobile App Reputation is a mobile app evaluation service that identifies new and existing malware, verifies the reputations of mobile applications and provides threat defence during downloads. The Mobile App Reputation scans, blocks and identifies millions of hazardous apps from a variety of global online sources and has played a pivotal role in detecting and thwarting malicious apps' damage at the BlackBerry app store, BlackBerry World.

Gregory Anderson, SA country manager at Trend Micro, says mobile threats continue to grow in intensity and sophistication, and Trend Micro is committed to utilising its proven expertise to address these challenges.

"In 2014, mobile will become the attack vector of choice for cyber criminals, as the number of Android threats alone is expected to climb to more than three million. As cloud-based applications and BYOD policies become mainstream, both employees' and companies' sensitive data are at risk. Our comprehensive solutions will keep this information safe without impeding the mobile experience," says Anderson.

In Trend Micro's 2013 Mobile Threat Report, threat researchers reported that mobile threats are moving beyond apps' and Android's vulnerabilities and are inconsistent with industry standards, developing a less secure mobile ecosystem. In 2013, TrendLabs researchers predicted that malicious and high-risk Android malware would exceed one million by the year's end - a figure that took PC malware a decade to reach. Now, TrendLabs predicts that figure will reach three million in 2014.

The effectiveness of Trend Micro solutions are reinforced through its partnership with BlackBerry. Trend Micro further identifies and blocks repackaged Android apps before they are sold on the BlackBerry World storefront. The Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation service identifies and flags potential threats as either "malicious" or "high-risk" to prevent harm to devices and networks.

"Keeping our customers protected from security concerns, such as malware, remains a top priority at BlackBerry," says Scott Totzke, senior VP for security at BlackBerry.

"By leveraging Trend Micro's app scanning capabilities with our comprehensive app vetting program, BlackBerry Guardian, we are providing customers with another layer of protection to help ensure that applications within our store are as safe as possible."

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