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LAWtrust now offers Signinghub, a unique and simple cloud-based signing solution

Johannesburg, 11 Feb 2013
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The digitisation of paper is proceeding at a rapid rate; thus comes the need to create a paperless environment. It is for this reason that LAWtrust has launched a new and innovative signing solution called Signinghub.

Signinghub is an electronic document signing and management solution that will replace paper-based approval processes and improve efficiency and security, all managed in the cloud.

Organisations in today's society are under pressure to cut down on paper costs and adopt the 'Go Green' initiative; this can be achieved through the use of an electronic document signing solution such as Signinghub, which allows for the following documents to be easily signed electronically:

* Board resolutions
* Shareholders' agreements
* Purchase orders
* Invoices
* Company policies
* Service level agreements

There are a number of additional advantages in using Signinghub, which will improve the electronic document signing experience:

* The digital signature protects the integrity of the entire document. A change of the document content will render the digital signature as invalid.
* A signed document can be verifiable by anyone using freely available PDF readers.
* Signinghub complies with legislation and regulations concerning digital and electronic signatures, as outlined in the ECT Act of 2002.
* Signinghub will manage the signing life cycle of the document where multiple signatories are required.

As the only accredited advanced electronic signature provider, LAWtrust is in the unique position to provide Advanced Electronic Signatures (AeSign) and now also an easy-to-use, cloud-based signing solution that will satisfy all signing requirements.

For more information on Signinghub, please contact the Signinghub team at LAWtrust:

E-mail address:
Tel number: (012) 676 9240


LAWtrust is the security partner of choice for organisations in the areas of cryptographic-based security, such as digital certificates, PKI, digital signing, encryption, integrity and non-repudiation. In this regard, the company has relationships with many international vendors, and, using these and its own locally developed products, creates effective solutions to complex security needs. It is noted for its prompt delivery of the relevant solutions as it is a specialist application security integrator.

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