Info-bites from BI Summit 2012, part 1

We bring you the most interesting tweets from ITWeb's BI Summit 2012, under way in Bryanston this week.

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Ninety percent of the data created has been produced in the last two years - this astonishing fact was revealed by Terry White of CXO Advisor at ITWeb's BI Summit 2012, under way in Bryanston this week.

We collected the most interesting info-bites that were tweeted from the opening sessions of day one.

1. Business drives BI. IT should not own BI - IT ownership is the reason why ROI is dropping - keynote speaker Rick van der Lans, independent BI analyst

2. Traditional BI reporting takes far too long in an environment that's demanding faster decisions. That's why people are turning to self-service. - Van der Lans

3. Classic SQL databases may not be able to handle big data. - Van der Lans

4. Data warehouses are becoming more complex and costly to scale. Turn to data virtualisation. - Van der Lans

5. If you have a tech degree, you won't be employed in business in the next few years, you will be a vendor - Terry White, analyst, Ovum partner, CXO Advisor

6. Ninety percent of the data created has been created in the last two years - White

7. In the world of big data, there is no such thing as noise. With correct analytics, all data is useful. - White

8. BI has become the top priority for CIOs worldwide, as they need to make sense of the explosion of data available. - John Callan, director of QlikTech

9. Consumerisation of BI: people have experiences with simple, welcoming platforms such as Google and Facebook, and they expect the same of business apps. - Callan

10. We live in a world of scarcity - skills shortages, lack of time, lack of money drive us to try do things fast. - Dave Ives, partner, IS Partners

12. The answer may be technology but the question is always business. - Ives

13. Changing behaviour in business is more challenging than changing technology. - Ives

14. The direction of a business should be aligned with what BI hopes to achieve. - John Bosco Arends, consultant at Neken & Associates

15. By 2012, business units will control at least 40% of the total budget for BI. - Gartner

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