OnePlus scraps invite-system for X model

The latest OnePlus smartphone can be purchased directly, without the need for an invite first.
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The latest OnePlus smartphone can be purchased directly, without the need for an invite first.

OnePlus fans are now able to buy all OnePlus smartphones directly from the company's Web site, without waiting for a limited invite.

Shenzhen smartphone start-up, OnePlus, made a name for itself as an exclusive brand that offered cheap phones with the same specifications as top tier smartphones. The only catch was that an invite was needed before a phone could be purchased.

In 2014, when the first model was released, these invites were few and far between. The company stated at the time that the invites were needed as OnePlus would not be able to keep up with demand, while keeping its prices so low.

These issues seem to have been resolved, as the company has scrapped the invite system for its latest model, the OnePlus X, less than three months after launch.

"We're extremely excited to be making the OnePlus X invite-free more quickly this time around," the company said in a blog post.

The first model, the OnePlus One, was launched in 2014 and it took a year before an invite was no longer needed for purchase.

"With every device we release, we grow more mature and more adept at handling the demands and expectations of our community. The invite system was integral to our approach at the time, allowing us to scale our operations, while giving fans an engaging way to get involved with the product."

The original OnePlus One is on sale for $299 (R4 800), the OnePlus X for $249 (R4 000) and the OnePlus Two for $389 (R6 250).

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