Lauren Kate Rawlins
ITWeb digital and innovation editor.

Lauren made the move to online journalism after a stint with broadsheets in Durban. She now writes about the different ways businesses are embracing digital transformation, how small start-ups are disrupting big industry, and how the machines are slowing taking over. She investigates the far flung corners of the web and interrogates the algorithms our social lives revolve around. She researches emerging technologies and puts into words how 21st century living, more and more, resembles a scene in a science fiction novel.

Celebrity influencers not always the best fit

New research turns the tables on traditional social media influencer theory, showing smaller, concentrated audiences could be more useful for brands.

Google Images adds captions

The search engine giant's visual search tab will now serve up more contextual information with images.

Google's new ads policy bans Bitcoin promotions

The search engine giant updates its policy to exclude adverts that promote unregulated or speculative financial products like crypto-currency.

Spotify makes South African debut

The world's largest music-streaming service will officially be available to South African users from 13 March.

Musk says interplanetary colonisation vital

The SpaceX CEO made a surprise appearance at SXSW this weekend to give an update on his plans to colonise Mars, and possibly the moon.

Art project turns plastic into usable gas

The Dung Beetle art project, which turns plastic into gas and fuel, hopes to help communities build their own gasification systems.

Amazon's Alexa laughs out loud

Users have reported spontaneous human laughter from the smart home speaker, as Amazon says it is working on a fix.

Ford, Uber test self-driving business models

The motoring companies have begun separate tests for a fleet of self-driving cars that will deliver consumer goods and larger cargo.

Three main trends to come out of MWC

Device manufacturers focused on augmented reality, artificial intelligence and the `intelligence of things' instead of hardware developments.

Qualcomm test shows 5G far outpaces LTE

The simulation showed that, when compared to LTE devices, 5G NR smartphones will browse the Internet nearly 900% faster.

MWC: New Asus Zenfone looks really familiar

Launched at Mobile World Congress this week, the new Asus Zenfone looks very much like Apple's tenth anniversary edition iPhone.

MWC: Alcatel's new 1X will soon be in SA

TCL Communication will only bring one of its devices launched at Mobile World Congress to South Africa.