Lauren Kate Rawlins
ITWeb digital and innovation editor.

Lauren made the move to online journalism after a stint with broadsheets in Durban. She now writes about the different ways businesses are embracing digital transformation, how small start-ups are disrupting big industry, and how the machines are slowing taking over. She investigates the far flung corners of the web and interrogates the algorithms our social lives revolve around. She researches emerging technologies and puts into words how 21st century living, more and more, resembles a scene in a science fiction novel.

Audi wants to connect electric cars to homes

The motoring manufacturer creates a system that connects its electric vehicle to the user's home and, in some cases, makes use of solar power to charge.

New wearables-for-your-feet track running technique


German-designed smart insoles for runners use sensors to track how the user is running and provide real-time in-ear feedback.

Ford pilot sees 'autonomous' vans deliver food

The motoring manufacturer tests an on-demand delivery system in Miami to research how people and businesses interact with self-driving tech.

Emergency app turns phone into panic button


Locally-developed iER allows users to send GPS co-ordinates to their loved ones, as well as emergency services.

Blockchain measures impact of conservation in Madagascar

The ixo Foundation's `Blockchain for Impact' is being used to record insect and animal life regeneration in a Madagascar reforestation project.

BlackBerry KEY2 stays true to original design

BlackBerry partner TCL Communication unveils the KEY2, a premium smartphone that keeps the physical keyboard.

Vodacom opts for Android Go on its devices

The telco introduces two low-cost smartphones that come standard with Android Go (Go Edition) and free data for Google Go apps.

New app to make Airbnb process smoother

6 Jun

OPEN, a new local access management app, lets Airbnb hosts give their guests access to the rental without keys, remotely.

CEO SleepOut heads to Robben Island this year

CEOs, including those in tech, are called to sign-up for the fourth annual SA CEO SleepOut and pledge $100 000.

Crimson eyes SA post-grad Ivy League hopefuls

The online platform, which helps high school students get into the world's top universities, will expand its offering to post-grad courses later this year.

Goodyear concept tyre grows moss

The tyre manufacturer unveils a concept tyre that incorporates living moss into it which will clean air as cars are driven.

Mercedes remakes 90s ad with autonomous tech

The survivor of the infamous Chapman's Peak accident returns to the crash site to test self-driving features in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class.