Facebook now taking food orders

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Facebook now taking food orders

EMBEDDED]Ordr.in, a Google Ventures-backed start-up, offers a Facebook app that turns ordering food for delivery into a social experience, Read Write Web states.

“Food is inherently social,” David Bloom, CEO of the five-employee New York City shop, said in an interview. “It lends itself well to Facebook.”

At its heart, Ordr.in is an API for building social food delivery services. Restaurants share their menus with Ordr.in and pay a commission every time they receive an order through the application.

Inside Facebook says users of the app can order from a restaurant and share their activity on their Facebook Timelines using the new actions 'crave' and 'eat'.

The Ordr.in app also gives restaurants an easy, self-service marketing tool to take orders from Facebook, their Web sites and mobile devices, all connected to the Facebook Timeline, Digital Journal notes.

Ordr.in offers white label versions of this app that can be installed on any restaurant's Facebook page.

“We're always looking for new ways for consumers and restaurants to engage, transact and share - Timeline integration is just the beginning. We can't wait to see restaurants using the app for themselves and what other restaurant technology companies will do with our APIs,” Bloom added.

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