New networking analytics, optimisation solution from Extreme Networks

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A new software solution designed to capture network data and content and then analyse, correlate and report on it, has been released by Extreme Networks. Dubbed Purview, the system is designed to enable better decision-making and improved business performance.

Martin May, regional director of Extreme Networks in South Africa, says in today's highly connected world, it is often difficult to measure user engagement with a view to improving the mobile and social user experience while ensuring the integrity of mission-critical networks.

"Purview addresses these complex requirements by integrating with network data that carries context relating to users, devices, locations and applications in use," he says.

According to May, Purview is a network-powered application analytics and optimisation solution designed to transform the corporate network from a medium for connecting users, applications and devices, into a strategic business asset.

"It achieves this by enabling the mining of network-based business events and strategic information. It performs its tasks from a centralised command centre, allowing users to optimise their networks for every application, enhance security for these applications and provide data for business analytics."

Consequently, he says, Purview helps business leaders make faster, more well-informed decisions aimed at improving the user experience on their network infrastructures.

"At the same time, it empowers organisations to turn their networks into strategic business assets capable of providing added value to other lines of business while supporting business innovations powered by the network."

May says Purview intelligence provides users with the visibility and control of applications and Web sites - including related sub-Web sites - resident in all parts of the network, from the wired or wireless edge all the way through the core and data centre, as well as application traffic from the enterprise to private and public clouds or any other service on the Internet.

The deep level of insight provided by Purview is designed to provide visibility into application use across the network, and is geared to help organisations in four ways: to improve the experience of connected users; enhance understanding of user engagement; optimise application performance; and protect against malicious or unapproved system use.

May adds that Purview is able to leverage breakthrough technology to bridge the gap between IT network management, security and business intelligence through a single integrated view.

The benefits of Purview can be realised with Extreme Networks solutions, or networks from any other Ethernet switching vendor.

Purview is powered by patented CoreFlow2 ASIC technology, which provides access to application usage information in flows traversing the network. At release, the Purview customisable signature set supports more than 13 000 application fingerprints, more than 7 000 applications, including enterprise CRM, ERP, HCM, storage, Web, collaboration, e-mail, social networks and gaming.

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