From multichannel service to omnichannel strategy in contact centre industry

Johannesburg, 17 Nov 2015
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A modern contact centre takes advantage of cloud technology and advanced analytics tools that promote speed of service as well as insight information to customer needs and specific behaviour. The all-in-one contact centre solutions that integrate and intelligently route contacts, regardless the channel: voice, e-mail, Internet, chat, VOIP, call back, SMS, messaging, mobile, social media, optimise resources and generates information in real time improving customer experience and satisfaction.

The multichannel strategy leveraging is a common practice in the BPO industry. Some larger centres might already be there, but smaller companies might just be starting to develop into these technologies. There is a new trend then called the omnichannel strategy.

To achieve multichannel customer service, contact centres need to build a presence on multiple channels, including social media, a company's Web site, telephone, e-mail and more.

The omnichannel strategy service comprises the ability to make all those channels work together so the customer can interact directly with the provider using self-service portals or online communities. Due to the use of new technologies, different customer behaviour, the access to the information, customer loyalty and the changing of "service" satisfaction that is a key factor to buy a product or a service. In our current digital booming era, the customers are demanding and want to get a real-time support (24 hours, seven days). The millennials (people born from 1980 to 2000 and using new technologies) look for their own information and are a kind of a chat platform, video advises, customised e-mail support. Actually online interactions, direct contact and real-time services are the key factors that this new generation is looking for.

The main challenge of the omnichannel strategy for companies is based on the great understanding of customer behaviour using different devices and the way companies communicate immediately with their customers. There is no distance between customers and companies i e social media and smartphone interactions impacts directly and optimises the overall consumer buying processes.

The Presence Technology Contact Centre solution allows this omnichannel strategy management, enabling the multimedia transversal management and technology integration to give a real-time service to customers. Also the solution can easily be integrated with third parties applications such as CRM System, ERP or any other e-commerce platform.

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