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All set for Brainstorm's SA CIO survey

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ITWeb Brainstorm will begin inaugural research among top local IT leaders on 1 August.
ITWeb Brainstorm will begin inaugural research among top local IT leaders on 1 August.

South Africa's top CIOs will tell it like it is, through the first Brainstorm CIO Survey being conducted by ITWeb Brainstorm, in association with Telkom Business.

"Everyone wants a piece of CIOs' minds. From the media's clich'ed, 'What keeps you awake at night?' to the vendors' urgent, 'How big is your budget?' - the opinions of those who shape IT strategy and hold the purse strings are golden," says Ranka Jovanovic, editorial director of the ITWeb Group.

There are quite a few insightful global CIO surveys in existence, and some take into account South African feedback. But none, so far, have entirely focused on the challenges that are unique to SA's CIOs - starting with the very basic one: what is it that their business needs as opposed to what is on offer from IT vendors?

The Brainstorm CIO Survey 2014 will offer deep insights into what South African CIOs want. The research is aimed at encouraging them to tell it like it is when it comes to the relationship between technology and business, and their own role in this relationship: are they turning into chief innovation or chief digital officers? What strategies do they use to align technology with business needs?

The survey will target CIOs or equivalent IT executives at SA's top 1 000 companies and leading public sector organisations. It will be conducted by ITWeb's survey team, through an online questionnaire available on ITWeb's and Brainstorm's Web sites for a period of four weeks. The data capture phase will start on 1 August.

The results of the Brainstorm CIO Survey will be released at the inaugural Brainstorm CIO Banquet in October, to which the CIOs that responded to the research will be invited. Other attendees will include senior vendor representatives, industry analysts, and selected members of the media.

Click here to find out more about the Brainstorm CIO Banquet.

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