Talk open source over free beer

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Obsidian's Free Beer Sessions bring open source enthusiasts together to discuss trends and network with peers.

According to the company, the 11th Free Beer Session will allow everyone from veterans to amateurs to meet the Obsidian team and learn more about their offerings - and to drink free beer while doing so.

Obsidian stresses that open source software can play a valuable role in reducing long-term IT expenditure and increasing efficiency, all the while ensuring complete control and ownership of valuable data. Both a business and consumer partner, Obsidian provides consulting on how open source can benefit anybody from home users, through small and medium-sized businesses, to large corporations, it says.

Attendees at this year's event will hear insights from ITWeb's own Paul Furber, as well as information technician Lee Taylor and senior user experience design consultant, Rob Enslin.

The event is being held at Primi Life at the Lifestyle Garden Centre, in Randpark Ridge, on 11 July.

To register and confirm your attendance, click here.

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