Open Source

Android 9 release as easy as Pie

Google's latest iteration of the Android operating system is said to be as easy as Pie

8 Aug

Vulnerable software puts healthcare records at risk

Among the OpenEMR vulnerabilities was an easy bypass of the patient portal authentication, needing only a modified URL to access confidential information.

2 Aug

Mozilla crowd-sourcing input on new Firefox icons

With a whole lot of new Firefox tools set to be introduced, Mozilla is reaching out to its community to learn what people think.

Going bi-modal in an open environment

Bi-modal can facilitate an integrated way of storing data securely, managing it and analysing it in an almost real-time environment.

31 Jul

Driving innovation through progressive Java architecture

BBD implemented a new Java development framework for one of its clients in the banking sector.

26 Jul

Bennett takes over as new SUSE SA manager

New SUSE SA country manager Grant Bennett will focus on growing the company's channel and partner eco-systems in SA and Sub-Saharan Africa.

26 Jul

DDoS attacks employ new devices, methods: Kaspersky report

One of the most popular methods of monetising DDoS attacks is targeting cryptocurrency sites and exchanges, says Kaspersky Lab.

25 Jul

Obsidian brings advanced data centre solutions to SA

Obsidian Systems will be offering the installation and support of HashiCorp's data centre management solutions.

25 Jul

New Google cloud platform focuses on hybrid

The tech giant announces its new Cloud Services Platform, which helps developers better manage a hybrid cloud set-up.

Tech giants join forces to enable easier data transfer

Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter recently initiated the Open Source Data Transfer Project.

Jul 19, 2018

Money-grabbing EU snaffles $5 billion from Google

The massive fine against Google by European competition authorities is a money grab that hardly benefits its own consumers, and raises prices for everyone else.