Open Source
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Lack of urgency regarding known OS vulnerabilities

The 2018 OSSRA report, which made this finding, viewed it as concerning, because open source adoption continues to accelerate.

EOH brings containers to its cloud platform


A partnership with fellow EOH company LSD will add open source containerisation technology to its cloud offering.

US crypto-currency marketplace sees big gap in Africa


Paxful, a peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto-currencies, is looking to expand its business on the African continent.

Local blockchain initiative gets Silicon Valley backing

Riccardo `Fluffypony' Spagni announces a new open source blockchain protocol, Tari, being built to manage digital assets.

Open ecosystem vs acquisitions

Only one of these will get you to the finish line.

Open, single and ready to mingle

A single view of the customer requires a willingness to change from proprietary methodologies to ones built on open standards.

Businesses ignore OS licensing at their peril


Open source licence non-compliance is a major risk for companies of all sizes, the 2018 OSSRA report reveals.

Local start-up in deal to accept Bitcoin Cash at till points

18 May

Centbee partners with nChain to enable retailers to accept Bitcoin Cash at points of sale.

Bitcoin forks cause headaches for Luno

16 May

Luno customers allege the company is keeping its users' Bitcoin Gold from the hard fork that happened at the end of last year.

WordPress celebrates 15 years with worldwide parties

15 May

Parties will be held in Cape Town and Johannesburg ahead of the software's 15th anniversary, on 27 May.

Open source connecting people and technology

Connect, grow and scale with OS technologies and agile processes at Free Beer Sessions on 14 June and engage with experts, says Obsidian Systems.

LPI updates core Linux certification

The Linux Professional Institute has announced major exam updates for its LPIC-1 certification.

Open source vs free software: what's the difference?

Free software is a social movement, while open source is a development methodology.