Open Source

SA business lags with Agile philosophy adoption

While Agile is maturing at IT team level, the methodology is yet to be embraced as a way to achieve enterprise-wise business agility.


How Kubernetes became an essential business tool

However businesses decide to innovate, it’s going to include Kubernetes.


VMware accelerates adoption of Kubernetes

There is a huge demand for solutions to help customers successfully build, run and manage their applications and multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters, says VMware.


Obsidian joins Red Hat Forums in SA

The company has confirmed its participation as a silver sponsor of the EMEA Red Hat Forum 2019 in Cape Town and Johannesburg next month.


Cloud boom on the cards as local data centres open

Dana Cinman of Obsidian Systems expects local businesses will still operate cautiously in the cloud, running their critical workloads in parallel with the on-premises systems.

23 Oct

Seismic shift challenges business, IT

Rapid moves to hybrid cloud models and digital transformation add complexity, says IBM.

23 Oct

SAS taps into open source with Open Model Manager

The solution targets non-SAS sites to help take analytics models out of the lab and into reality faster.


SAS Analytics Experience: Removing hurdles

SAS is taking aim at failures in digital transformation and the last mile of analytics projects.


How data management is changing

Data management in hybrid cloud environments is complex. Sherrine Green-Thompson of Obsidian Systems takes a look at what lies ahead.

17 Oct

DevConf 2020 dates announced

The popular software engineering event will be held for the fifth time in 2020, in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

17 Oct

IBM slashes debt as Red Hat deal pays off

The company cuts its debt by $6.7 billion, with a strong performance by Red Hat boosting cloud revenue growth.