Open Source

Tech stars on the Academy’s open source red carpet

Apple and Microsoft join some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry as members of the Academy Software Foundation.

13 Sep

Getting apps to market faster with DevOps

The ability to deliver applications faster than the competition has become a crucial differentiator.


VOIP phone flaw goes unpatched for a decade

Open source vulnerabilities can lurk in the most mundane systems as was demonstrated recently by McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team.


Naspers leads R30m funding in blockchain platform DappRadar

Naspers, together with two other investors, raises $2.33 million for DappRadar.


Security lags tech advances in financial services

Most financial services companies lose sensitive client data in cyber attacks, a new survey finds.


Ten tech giants join forces to beef up data security

The Linux Foundation has announced the formation of the Confidential Computing Consortium which aims to make it easier to protect sensitive data cross different computing environments.

Aug 20, 2019

Microsoft buys jClarity to boost Java on Azure

The acquisition will help Microsoft optimise Java workloads on its Azure cloud platform.

Aug 16, 2019

HarmonyOS is not Android replacement, says Huawei

The company emphasises it is still committed to Google, and its new operating system is not an alternative to Android.


Partners can accelerate Azure business with Westcon-Comstor

The Westcon-Comstor Azure Virtual Vault helps resellers accelerate business opportunities with a gamified system.

Aug 14, 2019

Huawei announces rival open source foundation

The Chinese giant is to launch a new open source foundation to potentially rival GitHub.

Aug 13, 2019

Global spend on blockchain solutions balloons

International spend on blockchain solutions is expected to reach R41 billion by the end of the year, driven by banks, says IDC.