McAfee unveils first situational and risk-aware SIEM

Next-generation SIEM integrated with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, McAfee Risk Advisor and Global Threat Intelligence to provide customers with unprecedented visibility and management.

Johannesburg, 04 May 2012
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McAfee has announced groundbreaking situational awareness and accuracy for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

The introduction of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (formerly NitroView) expands SIEM from simple event analysis to accurate and actionable information through the integration of threat, user and counter-measure intelligence.

The unique McAfee “built for Big Security Data” SIEM includes dynamic threat visibility from McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, and counter measure awareness through McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software and McAfee Risk Advisor.

Next-generation SIEM

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager provides meaningful intelligence and takes SIEM to a real-time understanding of the global threat landscape by delivering immediate information on events, users, systems, data, risks and counter measures for accurate situational awareness.

This rich understanding of security - by connecting the dots and pinpointing attacks - reduces time to respond and provides intelligently prioritised security alerts.

The big data challenge

Core to increasing situational awareness is the ability to collect, maintain and intelligently process billions of relational data points both in real-time and historically.

Unlike other SIEMs that are struggling to keep up with exponentially increasing data flows, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager has a scalable database that was built to handle big security data. With this unique capability, the solution is capable of not only processing billions of events per day, but connecting those events with threat, counter measure and user identity information to provide accurate and actionable intelligence.

Security connected

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager is an essential part of the McAfee Security Connected framework allowing enterprises to connect all their security-relevant data and enterprise security management solutions for an unprecedented view of the enterprise.

Two-way integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software extends visibility and control across the entire security and compliance environment. Integration with Global Threat Intelligence from McAfee Labs provides the ability to correlate real-world source reputation information with security events so organisations can automatically pinpoint probing and active attacks and immediately shut them down. Through integration with McAfee Risk Advisor, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager leverages risk, vulnerability and counter measure context to provide the most accurate risk score available - allowing enterprises to prioritise responses based on the security posture of the target.

Open framework

The Security Connected Reference Architecture is an open framework supported by McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, providing an easy-to-use GUI that allows for parsing of security data from custom applications or other third-party sources.

McAfee currently supports more than 300 security data sources as input into Enterprise Security Manager. McAfee is committed to extending support for third-party data sources, having added 70 new sources since the Nitro Security acquisition.

“Less than six months after acquisition, we are already taking major steps to advance situational awareness with our security management solutions,” said Stuart McClure, worldwide chief technology officer and general manager of the security management business unit at McAfee.

“We are committed to providing our customers with an open platform, which is critical for success in the SIEM space. McAfee customers receive the most intelligent and fastest SIEM on the market and receive greater value from the McAfee solutions they have already invested in.”

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager was honoured with SC Magazine's coveted 'SC Lab Approved' label in its most recent SIEM review. Also announced was a report from Pike Research on critical infrastructure, which ranked McAfee as the top critical infrastructure vendor.

The latest release of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager is expected to be available mid-quarter. For more information, visit


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