Kirsh's acquisitive trail continues

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GDS is complementary to Tritech Media's recently launched lead generation technology, FetchThem, says William Kirsh, CEO and founder of Tritech Media.
GDS is complementary to Tritech Media's recently launched lead generation technology, FetchThem, says William Kirsh, CEO and founder of Tritech Media.

Tritech Media, owned by South African entrepreneur William Kirsh, is continuing with its acquisitive business strategy.

The company has acquired a 20% interest in big data and lead generation company Geospatial Data Solutions (GDS) for an undisclosed amount.

Privately held Smartnet Holdings (53%) and other investors, including founder Gary Berman, hold the balance in GDS.

GDS is a company involved in transforming raw data into actionable consumer insights with a proprietary database that includes 22 million marketable consumers, aggregated throughout the South African consumer market.

Tritech Media says GDS' 'contactability' rates drive consumer engagement through multiple marketing response channels like mobile, Web, e-mail and affiliate networks.

In April, Tritech Media announced it had acquired a 51% interest in Ionizr, a local provider of real-time proximity advertising technology, for an undisclosed amount. In December last year, the media company acquired a 45% stake in local gaming industry innovator GameZBoost.

Among other businesses, Kirsh helped build local media giant Primedia. He hogged the limelight in 2013 following the aborted merger between his company, Value+ Nettwork, with JSE-listed FoneWorx. Value+ Nettwork has rebranded to Tritech Media.

GDS transforms large, complex datasets into effective marketing insights that identify underlying consumer patterns and market trends. Its fully managed services include data cleansing, data enrichment, data profiling and data modelling, resulting in lead generation.

In a strategic partnership with Space Commercial Services Global Information, which is part of a group of companies in space engineering and space applications, GDS enhances its data through visualisation and geospatial awareness in a geospatial big data platform. The platform, called Spatialedge, provides consumer location insights.

"Following on our recent acquisition of Ionizr, which provides real-time location-based marketing in shopping malls, GDS and Spatialedge bring a complementary solution that enables shopping mall owners and their tenants to communicate more precisely with their existing, and - more importantly - potentially new customers," Kirsh says.

"GDS is also highly complementary to our recently launched world-first lead generation technology, FetchThem. GDS's rich data will enable FetchThem to be more precise in its lead generation efforts. The data we are garnering across the Tritech Media group is positioning us as the pre-eminent source of marketable consumer insights in South Africa, with big data at the heart of our corporate precise-based communications platforms," he adds.

Berman, CEO and founder of GDS, says: "We are excited to accelerate our business development with Tritech Media in our firm belief that data and advanced consumer analytics underpin the current new digital media landscape."

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