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LSD Information Technology expands Red Hat Premier Partnership

South African open source specialist, LSD Information Technology, is now a Red Hat Premier Partner for cloud infrastructure, middleware and data centre infrastructure.

Johannesburg, 14 Jul 2016
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In 2011, LSD became Red Hat's first Premier Partner in South Africa responsible for implementation and support covering the data centre infrastructure and JBoss Middleware portfolios.

The company has also completed a specialisation in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation, positioning it to take customer organisations through all the phases of the journey to the Open Hybrid Cloud, utilising open source technology to address bi-modal IT requirements.

"We continue to deepen our knowledge of Red Hat disciplines, solutions, and products because open source is going to play a major role in Africa's economic transformation," says Sven Lesicnik, managing director, LSD Information Technology. "Reducing cost, lowering time to implement and using modern open source tools, will give organisations that choose this route, the edge over their competition in the digital economy."

"As the most certified of Red Hat's African partners, we are able to broaden the understanding and acceptance of open source technologies and accelerate implementations in order to give customers the best possible tools for disruptive innovation in their sectors, starting from the base operating system and going all the way into the application stack"

"The future of technology is being rewritten every day - most comprehensively in the open source community. We are committed to thriving in that future so that our customers can. And, our partnership with Red Hat technology is key to our achieving that."

"We established a partner network precisely because it would give momentum to the adoption of open source in organisations that would otherwise have gone the more traditional route," says Dion Harvey, Country Manager for Red Hat, Sub-Saharan Africa. "Commitment to that goal by credible companies like LSD Information Technology ensures that Sub-Saharan Africa becomes increasingly agile, innovative, and competitive. That certainly helps Red Hat grow. More importantly, it adds transformative value at all levels of society."

LSD's relationship with Red Hat began in 2009 with investments as a Premier Partner in Datacentre Infrastructure, followed shortly thereafter in a formal training partnership, before expanding their portfolio to include JBoss Middleware.

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