Corr-Serve sheds light with BLTS and ExtraHop Reveal(x)

Johannesburg, 11 Sep 2018
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Industry entrant, Corr-Serve has taken on Blue Label Technology Solutions (BLTS) as its first solution provider partner in the South African market. BLTS will now offer ExtraHop, the leader in real-time IT analytics for network performance management and security, extending cybersecurity analytics and threat intelligence to the SA market.

Backed by international expertise, training, and a community for support professionals, BLTS will offer ExtraHop Reveal(x) as one of the earliest participants in Corr-Serve's channel expansion.

Reveal(x), ExtraHop's new security analytics product, builds on enterprise-proven anomaly detection powered by wire data, giving security teams much-needed insight into what's happening within the enterprise while automating the detection and investigation of threats. By analysing all network interactions for abnormal behaviour and identifying critical assets in the environment, Reveal(x) focuses analysts' attention on the most important risks and streamlines response to limit exposure.

GM of BLTS, Ricky Correia, commented, "The cybersecurity and analytics space in South Africa is under enormous pressure as data breaches become more common. Having a serious global player like ExtraHop Reveal(x) available will allow our customers to gain unprecedented in-depth and intelligent visibility into their networks, meaningfully empowering them in the fight against cyber threats like never before."

Corr-Serve is a silver sponsor of the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018 in Cape Town next week, from 17 to 19 September.


Corr-Serve is an authorised distributor of select IT performance monitoring and operations management products in southern Africa. The company provides partners and end-users with solutions to solve modern business challenges with tangible business benefits. Corr-Serve's portfolio of products reduces information and communication technology (ICT) spend and empowers informed decisions for operational excellence. Corr-Serve actively contributes to empowerment and transformation and is a Level 1 contributor to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. Learn more at

Blue Label Technology Solutions

BLTS was established in 2003 to fill a gap in the South African information technology sector as a solution provider partner of a specific range of IT management solutions and, over the years, expanded to include all other countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Learn more at


ExtraHop is the first place IT turns for insights that transform and secure the digital enterprise. By applying real-time analytics and machine learning to all digital interactions on the network, ExtraHop delivers instant and accurate insights that help IT improve security, performance, and the digital experience. Just ask the hundreds of global ExtraHop customers, including Sony, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Adobe, and DirecTV. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Learn more at

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