Safetica joins Fortinet's Technology Alliance Partner programme

The integration of Safetica's Data Loss Prevention solution with Fortinet gives businesses a powerful tool to secure data, no matter where it resides or flows.

Newton, NC, 12 Apr 2019
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Safetica Technologies, the Czech Republic-based provider of data loss prevention (DLP) software, has entered the Fortinet Technology Alliances Ecosystem. This programme brings together a community of global technology providers with specialised expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions that leverage the industry-leading Fortinet Security Fabric open architecture.

It's because of this open architecture that Safetica and Fortinet can work in sync to provide a deeper level of security than what has traditionally been available.

"In today's world of ever-present IT security threats, we can't rely on one single product to protect us. Integrating multiple solutions means that we no longer have the burden of accessing, monitoring and maintaining each solution from separate consoles," said Petr Zikes, the CEO of Safetica.

While most businesses today understand that they need security measures like firewalls and antivirus software in place to protect their devices and users, a DLP solution is often overlooked. According to Zikes, this is a fundamental mistake.

"Every business runs on data," he explains. "Whether it is personal, commercial, financial or any form of intellectual property, that data has to be protected. When sensitive data is lost or stolen, a company's reputation, customer base and proprietary knowledge are all at stake."

It's because of this that Safetica approached Fortinet to become a technology alliance partner and develop an integrated solution. Today, Safetica's endpoint DLP solution integrates with Fortinet's FortiMail Secure Email Gateway and FortiSIEM, with additional integrations being planned.

This partnership between Fortinet, one of the world's foremost cyber security companies, and Safetica creates a security solution that just makes sense for today's businesses. Safetica provides a DLP solution that's easy to use, quick to deploy, and affordable for companies of all sizes. It helps prevent data breaches, makes it easy to comply with data protection regulations like HIPAA and GDPR, and teaches employees how to handle sensitive data without changing the way they work.

"The Fortinet Security Fabric has an open architecture designed to easily integrate complementary technologies from our alliance partners, delivering broad visibility, integrated threat detection and automated response to address today's sophisticated cyber security threats," says Neil Prasad, senior director of product marketing and global technology alliances at Fortinet.

"Fortinet's open approach further extends its own capabilities, and those of its partners, to protect enterprises across the entire attack surface, from the Internet of things (IOT) to the cloud. We are pleased to have Safetica as a Fortinet technology alliance partner and welcome Safetica into Fortinet's open ecosystem, developing integrated solutions to address customer needs."

Zikes is also excited about the integration, as he knows first-hand that a company's IT security often cannot be achieved with a single solution. He believes companies need an effective combination of tools, which is why Safetica was designed to be easily and effectively integrated with complementary technologies like Fortinet.

"As the threats to data continue to evolve, there is no single silver bullet to security. That's why it's important that the tools you are using understand each other. Integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric is something we see great potential in," he adds.

To learn more about how Safetica integrates with Fortinet solutions, and more about Fortinet's Technology Alliance Ecosystem, please visit and

Safetica Technologies

Safetica Technologies is a security software company that delivers an enterprise-level data loss protection (DLP) solution that's affordable to companies of all shapes and sizes. The Safetica solution prevents data breaches, makes data protection regulations easy to comply with, and protects companies from human error.

Safetica is a member of the ESET Technology Alliance and the Microsoft Partner Network, and is a signatory of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord. The Safetica data protection solution has been recognised by Gartner. Safetica Technologies is a Red Herring TOP 100 Europe winner, and has received Computer Weekly's European User Award for Security as well as five-star editors' ratings from both CNET and SC Magazine.


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