T-Systems teams with VMware to advance cloud offering with virtual cloud network

Johannesburg, 12 Jul 2018
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* With VMware NSX Data Center, customers gain consistent network and intrinsic security across on-premises and DSI vCloud.
* T-Systems is set to address the distributed cloud model of the future with a software-based digital business fabric that is flexible, programmable and inherently more secure.

VMware, a leading innovator in enterprise software, yesterday announced that T-Systems, a world-leading provider of digital services, has added highly-integrated virtual cloud networking capabilities to its popular DSI vCloud service. Enabled by VMware NSX Data Center, these new functions allow customers of the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary to leverage a virtual cloud network architecture and benefit from consistent, pervasive connectivity and intrinsic security, regardless of whether the apps and data reside in T-Systems' public cloud or on-premises in a customer's data centre.

With the newly introduced NSX Data Center-enabled features, T-Systems is responding to an increase in enterprises choosing to run more applications in public clouds. Customers can now easily 'stretch' their networks from their on-premises data centre into the public DSI vCloud with minimal reconfiguration, for example, continuing to use existing IP addresses and network connections.

By enabling end-to-end policy management, the time it takes for customers to migrate workloads can be significantly reduced. Existing network security policies can also be extended to the DSI vCloud, boosting security. This includes use of micro-segmentation to enable more precise control of security services and deliver better protection to applications from private cloud to public cloud.

"We believe that at the heart of the distributed cloud is a virtual cloud network, which enables T-Systems and its clients to better connect, secure, and optimise the delivery of applications and data in an era when an increasing percentage of workloads are moving outside the private data center. Having partnered with VMware since 2005, we are excited that NSX Data Center meets our exacting requirements and is a key part of our cloud strategy," said Ralf Poggemann, Director of Cloud Partner Business, Digital Divison of T-Systems. "As a managed service provider, we can successfully meet our clients cloud needs now as well as with the increasingly distributed cross- and multi-cloud model of the future."

"VMware is supporting T-Systems' customers on their digital journeys by unlocking value from today's current networking technologies and significantly reducing network complexity. We're excited by our vision of the virtual cloud network, where organisations can connect and secure applications, data and users across the network in a hyper-distributed world, and even more excited to see it validated by major brands like T-Systems," said Sylvain Cazard, Vice-President SDDC VMware EMEA.

T-Systems' DSI vCloud (dynamic services for Infrastructure with vCloud) is used by large enterprises and mid-market companies looking for a self-service, enterprise-grade cloud service, with the majority adopting a hybrid approach. The multi-tenant service is powered by the VMware Cloud Provider Platform, a highly scalable combination of VMware vSphere, NSX Data Center, and VMware vCloud Director. DSI vCloud is available in Austria, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA.

The new advanced network services are available to all DSI vCloud customers at no additional charge.

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