releases WHOIS Privacy, a service that protects clients' personal information

Johannesburg, 06 Jun 2018
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With cyber security under constant scrutiny and online scams prevalent, online security solutions for companies and individuals alike, have become crucial. While companies are able to implement anti-virus and SSL certificates on their Web sites for the protection of their customers' data, the process of registering a domain name is currently leaving them vulnerable.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU's more severe alternative to SA's POPI act, is an example of how drastic things are becoming in order to give customers back control of their data.

Did you know that whenever a domain name is registered, personal details about the owner (name, e-mail, address, phone number etc.) is listed on freely accessible WHOIS servers? The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires this information to ensure that all domain name registrations are authentic and belong to a legitimate individual or organisation.

At, we have recently become one of the first companies in SA to provide our domain customers with a privacy protocol called WHOIS Privacy. WHOIS Privacy safeguards a company or individual's personal information from WHOIS records.

With WHOIS Privacy activated however, personal information about the domain name owner is masked from the public eye by

The benefits of WHOIS Privacy are substantial:

Reduces spam

Spammers mine WHOIS data to communicate with individuals on an unsolicited manner either via e-mails, phone calls, SMSs etc.

Protects from identity theft

Identity theft is unfortunately a modern-day reality. One has to be mindful of any accessible personal data in the physical and virtual worlds.

Keeps domain name ownerships private's slogan of It All Starts With A Domain Name, is right on the money because often business ideas start with a domain name. WHOIS Privacy therefore not only protects ownership details but also protects business ideas.

Protects owners from personal attacks from the public

Although it is not ideal, a company's customer service team could slip up and create a few unhappy customers in the process. While platforms such as Hello Peter allow these customers to voice their grievances in an orderly fashion, it is possible that some might take it further. With WHOIS information such as names, e-mails, addresses, phone numbers etc. freely accessible by the public, those wanting to make it personal, could. WHOIS Privacy protects owners from any personal attacks from the public.

The WHOIS Privacy service from is available for only R49 per year.

With more than two decades in the industry, provides thousands of customers in South Africa with domain registrations, Web site hosting, SuperFast SSD Cloud Server hosting, a sophisticated Web site builder, SSL certificates and various other products aimed at getting their customers online as quickly, easily and efficiently as possible.

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