Logistics control towers unlock supply chain value

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The Webinar will provide a real life example of a successful control tower implementation.
The Webinar will provide a real life example of a successful control tower implementation.

ITWeb, in partnership with Resolve Solution Partners and One Network, will host the upcoming "Control towers in the retail supply chain" Webinar.

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Register for the complimentary "Control towers in the retail supply chain" Webinar scheduled for 28 February from 4pm to 5pm. This Webinar will demonstrate how logistics control towers can enhance planning, tracking and reporting activities in the supply chain.

The complimentary Webinar will take place on 28 February at 4pm for one hour.

During the session, Resolve Solution Partners, One Network and Pick and Pay will showcase the partnership and case study of how they improved Pick and Pay's on-time and in-full delivery performance using control towers.

"Control towers are built on the foundations of end-to-end visibility, process orchestration and deep analytical capabilities, and are focused on making the supply chain better for the benefit of all," says Marius Jooste, GM of control towers at Resolve.

"They utilise real-time integration between various operating systems and enable real-time collaboration of multiple parties on a single platform. The benefit of integrating planning with real-time execution of logistics activities is continuous improvement in logistics operations, cost reduction and improved service levels."

During the Webinar, attendees will gain deeper insight into Pick n Pay's central distribution system and how logistics control towers were implemented and adopted.

Jooste says the session will be an introduction to control towers, the scope and their value, to those who have not heard of it before.

For those familiar with control towers, the Webinar will demonstrate a specific application through the case study and attendees will see the value of control towers within the South African market.

The Webinar is catered to those who would like to go beyond their current transportation management services, to improve decision-making, customer services and supply chain planning.

Jooste says they aim to showcase a real life example of how the investment in a control tower delivers value in the local market.

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