Technology addiction grows

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Technology addiction grows

The growth of portable technology has sparked fears that people are becoming addicted to using gadgets, reports BBC News.

According to the report, one major consequence of this phenomenon is that the line between work and private life is becoming increasing blurred.

Some experts believe that even the spatial judgement and decision-making process of the average person can be adversely affected. However, others say the bombardment of various communications can enhance the brain's ability to process information.

Sanyo, Lenovo to share costs

Sanyo will share with Lenovo the cost of recalling 205 000 faulty Sanyo-made battery packs for Lenovo's ThinkPad laptop, reports Reuters.

The lithium-ion extended-life battery packs, jointly designed by Lenovo and Sanyo and tested by Lenovo, can overheat and spark if dropped hard on to the ground.

Sanyo says although the firms have not yet decided how to split the recall cost, the sum is not expected to affect company earnings.

California eyes Open Docs

San Francisco assemblyman Mark Leno has introduced a Bill aimed at trying to make California's state government the latest to join in mandating the use of open document formats and bar the use of proprietary file formats, reports PC World.

The Bill does not specifically mention the OpenDocument Format (ODF), but that format has been the catalyst for Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas to introduce legislation that would push the adoption of open and extensible file formats.

The ODF Alliance says with the addition of more US states and countries in Europe and Asia, it's all adding up to significant momentum for open document formats.

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