Taking the sh out of IT

A Splunk-powered webinar

Johannesburg, 15 Jul 2020
Read time 1min 30sec

Don’t miss the FREE webinar by Splunk on how data is only valuable if you’re able to act on it and the opportunity to capitalise on its business value is growing by the day. Everything including your existing systems, devices, interactions, AI and IoT are all generating vast amounts of information packed with endless possibilities.

However, some organisations are struggling to find and use the data they’ve already amassed which prevents them from operating at their fullest potential.

Queue Splunk And The Data-to-Everything Platform, which is designed to unlock all the trapped value in your organisation by bringing data to every question, decision and action. Splunk helps every part of your organisation be more data-driven. In short, we’re here to bring data to every business outcome.

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The truth is that organisations which better leverage their data see increased revenue and reduced operational costs, thus ultimately boosting their bottom line.

This exciting webinar will focus on:

  • How optimal data management directly impacts your organisation’s bottom line.
  • Identifying and utilising dark data.
  • The difference between data deliberators, data adopters, and data innovators.
  • Evolving your organisation’s approach to data management.
  • The impact of AI on your data management capabilities.
  • Tracking your data maturity and quantifying the value of your data assets.

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Join the conversation where industry leaders will discuss how Splunk’s Data-To -Everything Platform will accelerate your digitisation, ensure business resilience and how to thrive in the data age.

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