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Anthos – single management platform for modernised applications across hybrid, multicloud

Johannesburg, 28 Jun 2021
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Increasingly, the topic of moving to the cloud is one that cannot be avoided. Cloud adoption has emerged as a top priority for IT leaders. Despite this, many businesses are still on the fence about embracing the cloud as the path to migration is rarely straightforward or linear.

The benefits of cloud computing are touted as simplicity, speed and cost savings. However, many organisations are fearful of moving legacy applications to the cloud. Some feel there are some workloads that simply can’t be moved to the cloud, leaving them feeling like they are stuck in legacy tooling and practices.

If you want to modernise your applications and infrastructure but can’t or don’t want to fully migrate to the cloud, or if you want to be able to utilise a hybrid or multi-cloud approach, then moving to Anthos from Google Cloud is the answer.

Anthos is a modern managed hybrid cloud solution for modernising applications on-premises and in multiple clouds. It allows you to bring the benefits of the cloud to your workloads without necessarily having to move them to the cloud. 

Enterprises don’t just want to just move their applications from point A to point B, they want to modernise their applications with cloud-native technologies and techniques, wherever those applications may be. Anthos makes this a reality. Utilise your current on-premises infrastructure and easily start modernising your IT environment. When you are ready to move to the cloud, Anthos allows you to deploy in your own data centre, Google's Cloud or in AWS or Azure.

With Anthos, enterprises now have the ability to modernise in place, automate policy and security at scale and future-proof investments. All this with an interface that provides consistency across platforms. Athos achieves all of this utilising Kubernetes, an open source, widely used container platform. 

Anthos will let you manage workloads running on-premises and on third-party clouds like AWS and Azure, giving you the freedom to deploy, run and manage your applications on the cloud of your choice. All this without requiring administrators and developers to learn different environments. Anthos’ open source approach makes it a safe choice for your cloud strategy, and because Anthos is fully managed, even on-premises, you get the benefits of open source without the hassle of needing to manage it.

Developers can now write applications once and then run them anywhere. Google’s hybrid cloud solution saves money by optimising your infrastructure costs and reducing management overhead – wherever your applications may be. Better yet, Anthos provides this pathway application modernisation without having to rewrite existing applications, resulting in immediate operational cost savings. 

A 2019 Forrester report (New Technology Projection: The Total Economic Impact Of Anthos) highlighted that, prior to Anthos, interviewed organisations used fragmented technologies to build and manage applications in their on-premises and cloud environments. 

Anthos gave these enterprises one platform to run anywhere, and a view of what was happening across environments. Investment in Anthos accelerated employee productivity and resulted in the reduction of bottom-line costs, and increased top-line revenue. 

The report revealed that Anthos enabled Google Cloud customers to realise up to: 

  • Five times return on investment;
  • Thirteen times improvement in time to market;
  • 38% reduction in non-coding activities;
  • 75% improvement in productivity for security tasks;
  • 74% increase in application migration and modernisation; and
  • 55% increase in platform operations efficiency.

Having a consistent, modern infrastructure across environments is a key first step towards application modernisation. Anthos makes it simple to start modernising your IT environment utilising your current on-premises infrastructure supported by Google’s security and tools.

Anthos provides a consistent development and operations experience across different environments, providing the momentum necessary to streamline infrastructure processes and achieve economic gain. 

“Anthos makes it simple to start modernising your IT environment utilising your current on-prem infrastructure supported by Google’s security and tools. When you are ready to move to the cloud, you can deploy in your own data centre, Google Cloud or in AWS or Azure. Realising a single management platform for your modernised applications across hybrid and multi-cloud. One set of skills and no limitations on where it's hosted," says Gregory MacLennan, CEO of Digicloud Africa.

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