Newland continues to define the customer journey in self-scanning

Johannesburg, 08 Apr 2020
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The FR27 Urchin is the latest example of Newland's market-leading customer-facing scanning solutions. It’s our most compact desktop scanner yet.

The FR27 Urchin’s design is heavily influenced by what makes the FM3080 Hind great, but presents it in a more attractive housing, so it can take its place among our stationery range of products.

The simple design is sophisticated and looks equally comfortable in a high-end fashion boutique and in a fast food restaurant.

The FR27 Urchin comes onto the Newland stationery range to fill the gap between the FR21 Neon and the FR40 Koi.

The self-scanning journey is an emerging discipline in auto ID, so one good way to evaluate which Newland scanner is best suited for each application is to consider their reading performance: screen vs printed codes.

Key features:

  • Easy self-scanning solution;
  • Smart, low-profile design;
  • Small footprint;
  • Can read small and larger codes from phone screens and paper;
  • Green LED light for visual feedback on successful scans;
  • Mounting points for securing to countertop or vertical surface;
  • 2.7m/s motion tolerance; and
  • Superior self-service scanning from screen.

The FR27 Urchin is primarily designed to be easy to use for self-service scanning from customers' phone screens. A remarkably wide field of view means even the largest codes presented on the largest phone screens are scanned easily.

Fast scanning with outstanding motion tolerance

The FR27 Urchin has an outstanding 2.7m per second motion tolerance for applications where fast scanning on moving codes is vital. Clearing lines of customers self-scanning or clearing baskets of items at the point of sale, the FR27 gives you more speed than ever before.

Snappy scanning from paper, metal and plastic

Printed bar codes are still used in many applications, so the FR27 Urchin makes sure it can cope with them. It maintains top performance with all types of 1D and 2D codes presented to it on paper, metal and plastic surfaces. Even curved and creased codes pose no challenge.

Clear visual feedback

Using soft white illumination to scan bar codes, the FR27 Urchin also utilises its white background to project a green LED, indicating a good read. Visual feedback in a self-service application makes all the difference in giving customers confidence in achieving a successful scan.

Flexible mounting options

Mindful that the FR27 Urchin can suit access control and kiosk applications, its case has a design that allows you to manipulate the cable for mounting portrait or landscape. It also has threaded fixing points for vertical mounting.

Small and stylish

The FR27 Urchin packs all its scanning power into a small, sleek design, making it not only a great space saver, but looking good while doing so. The scanner has a smooth and simple finish that blends well with any countertop design, from boutique to cafe.

Click here to view product brochure and data sheet.

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