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Johannesburg, 13 Apr 2021
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Knowledge is power, but when it comes to expense management, accurate financial information is profit.

One of the greatest threats to any enterprise is the mismanagement of expenses due to the inability to draw accurate financial information quickly and effectively. Without accurate information, your business cannot make important financial decisions, which is a massive risk. In this current economic climate, risk should be mitigated at all costs.

“Adapt IT Streamline Expense is the only solution you need if you want a flexible, robust solution built on a world-class enterprise performance management framework.”

The days of data needing to be pivoted into a spreadsheet and exported into “meaningful” presentations are over with the introduction of a consolidated, high-performance and intelligent expense platform known as Adapt IT’s Streamline Expense Management.

This highly successful platform delivers analytics aimed at taking control of all aspects of your complex IT spend environment and enables your business to make sense of:

  • Technology costs (from summary to granular, line-by-line invoice level);
  • Cost allocations (technology costs across your entire enterprise);
  • Variances and highlighted anomalies;
  • Integration into internal business centres;
  • The procure-to-pay value chain;
  • Optimisation to deliver high-end technologies; and
  • Scheduled reporting that makes sense.

With Adapt IT’s expense management solution, there is a specific focus on invoice-contract term reconciliation, invoice accuracy, internal cost allocations, and recoveries. Adapt IT Streamline Expense Management also offers customisable reports highlighting trends, outliers, exceptions and variances, supporting critical business decisions relating to cost optimisation and assurance.

If this advanced platform is not value enough, you also won’t have to walk this analytical journey alone because Adapt IT’s Streamline Expense Management offers you a highly specialised and supportive consulting team (aka the expense management heroes) who will walk the expense journey with you from start to finish.

The team comprises consultants who understand cost optimisation imperatives and the need for solutions to deliver value constantly and has a rock-solid track record of success stories to prove that they deliver. 

In fact, Adapt IT Streamline Expense Management solutions have translated into millions of rands saved for their clients, including credits back into their bottom line! This money can be injected back into an enterprise for other projects and infrastructures that equates to growth.

Adapt IT Streamline Expense Management manages all aspects of complex IT spend environments, including:

  1. All facets of troublesome reconciliations;
  2. Invoice vetting;
  3. Business intelligent reporting;
  4. Accurate cost allocations; and
  5. True reporting to internal business departments.

Adapt IT Streamline Expense Management is the number one solution for your business – and the team always delivers!

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