CS Holdings - clocks in the Western Cape Labour Management market

Johannesburg, 04 Jun 2004
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JSE-listed CS Holdings, recently acknowledged as the best performing Kronos dealer in the world, is set to lead the Western Cape`s time and attendance market, with its growing presence in the retail, manufacturing, hospitality and healthcare markets.

"Our Kronos solution doesn`t require implementation development since the software is easily customisable and can fit any customers` needs. It also complies with the requirements set forth in South Africa`s labour law, a major benefit for companies today," says Dereck Sigamoney, Frontline Management Systems (FMS) Manager for CS Holdings in the Western Cape.

Success in the Cape has been achieved through the software solution`s ability to deliver full functionality through a central server and across multiple sites. Sigamoney says that the solution uses very little physical infrastructure since the system`s core functionality is delivered through a web portal.

"Major retailers like Pick and Pay, and Edcon, manufacturers like Appletiser and the Oceana Operations group, and hospitality concerns like Sun International are Kronos customers. In the healthcare space, CS Holdings` top customer is Netcare, which uses Kronos in its 44 hospitals and eight administration centres across the country. "The entire implementation covering 52 sites across South Africa was rolled out over an 18 month period, using CS Holdings` countrywide footprint," says Sigamoney.

"CS Holdings is also currently conducting a rollout of Kronos at Coca Cola SABCO in Port Elizabeth with deployment in Namibia. The rollout will take four months to complete at the head office, using the centralised server strategy," says Sigamoney.

Implementation includes ensuring interoperability between Coca Cola`s SAP implementation and the access control hardware that will be used in conjunction with Kronos.

"Once the core system is up and running, it is planned to be rolled out to the client`s sites across Africa, a process that could take anywhere between twelve months to 18 months, due to challenges in areas where connectivity and infrastructure aren`t up to scratch. The fact that version 4.3 of Kronos` Workforce Central suite makes use of web technology simplifies matters substantially, as there is less need for physical infrastructure," Sigamoney says.

"Currently we have in the region of 170 Kronos customers in South Africa and we will expand that base even further this year through our depth of knowledge in both Kronos and the time and attendance management market in general," Sigamoney concludes.

CS Holdings

CS Holdings provides business and IT solutions that enable sustainable competitive advantage for clients through reduced cost, managed risk, improved efficiency and added effectiveness. This is done by means of integrated solutions that incorporate the complete value chain of strategy formulation, best practice business processes, appropriate information technology and optimised people effectiveness.

CS Holdings is a leading BEE company for the ICT sector, and have received the prestigious Empowerdex A rating in 2003.

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