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Wisenet donates personal computers to mission nursing schools to leverage technology for online learning success

Johannesburg, 22 Nov 2021
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Wisenet, a division of Adapt IT and a global leader in the development and supply of cloud software management solutions for corporate and vocational training providers, has responded to the needs of the community with a donation of personal computers to nursing schools.

Recently, Wisenet partnered with Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF), an international Christ-centred medical mission organisation, to deploy the Moodle Learning Management System to nursing schools across Kenya and Malawi to provide online learning opportunities to frontline medical professionals amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Collectively the schools enrol 2 500 students and offer studies in nursing and midwifery.

While the schools have reported great success with the new online learning platform, which allows faculty to create online and offline course content and customise their courses for students, it became apparent that some learners do not have access to hardware devices, limiting their ability to enjoy online learning content.

“With this donation of Raspberry Pi computers, we hope to extend the reach of online learning, and computing generally, to even more healthcare professionals to the benefit of both the learners and the community at large," says Ben Hamilton, CEO and Co-Founder of Wisenet.

Using the Raspberry Pi 400, learners can take courses online, and access the international nursing curriculum, while students and faculty can interact in online forums, giving learners easy access to the help they need.

“One of MBF’s key purposes is to equip mission nursing schools to achieve their goals. The schools in Kenya and Malawi want to graduate students with the ability to provide the highest standards of patient care. Our partnership with Wisenet assists in putting the most current nursing education information directly in the hands of faculty and students. As a result, new nursing graduates are ready to help provide much-needed medical care in their countries,” says Lisa Alianiello, Director of the Centre for Global Nursing Development, who is leading the initiative for the MBF.

Wisenet is incredibly proud to be associated with MBF and the schools. We know these devices will help learners reach new heights. Having access to this technology provides the schools with the opportunity to do incredible things,” concludes Hamilton.

If you are interested in assisting schools such as these with access to online learning, please contact MBF at

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CEO and Co-Founder (Wisenet) Ben Hamilton
VP Marketing (MBF) Donna Childress (+1) 817 909 8919
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