The case for SD-WAN with Oracle

Johannesburg, 11 Nov 2021
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Delivering the self-driving, self-healing network.
Delivering the self-driving, self-healing network.

With the advent and widespread roll-out of high-speed fibre, LTE and 5G technologies, wide-area networking has evolved from using point-to-point and MPLS services to using multiple high-speed broadband services and SD-WAN technologies to connect enterprise offices via the internet. This has driven new requirements for handling voice and video traffic for conferencing as well as enterprise security.

Enterprise (wide-area) networks need to deliver the following:

  • Provide quality of service for real-time traffic and critical applications;
  • Improve network performance, availability and agility;
  • Tighten network security;
  • Enable cost savings compared to legacy WAN implementations; and
  • Provide centralised and simplified network management (lower the level and cost of skills required).

The movement towards cloud services (IaaS, SaaS) and applications hosted in multiple clouds (Azure, AWS, OCI) has created new opportunities to optimise enterprise costs. This, together with SD-WAN technologies, is a new way for service providers to address the changing needs of their enterprise customers and to differentiate their services incorporating advanced managed service offerings.

In the past, Q-KON SA has focused exclusively on unified communications platforms and VOIP equipment distribution such as voice gateways, SBCs, billing platforms as well as end-user devices such as IP phones and headsets from various OEMs such as Oracle, Ribbon (SONUS), Synway and VT.

With the above new demands on the WAN today, Q-KON SA has been working with Oracle to add new products and services to our portfolio to enable our reseller and service provider customer base to address the new network requirements using Oracle UC and SD-WAN technologies. Unified communications (voice and video) is to a large extent the greater part of the critical applications that demand network improvements that are realised by SD-WAN technology, and with Oracle, we believe that we have selected a cost-effective, best performing and solid SD-WAN product in the market today.

At Q-KON SA, we believe the Oracle FailSafe SD-WAN solution is the best of all SD-WAN technologies at optimising the performance of critical applications over the WAN. It also enables significant cost savings with centralised management facilities that require reduced skill levels to configure and manage the system as a result of its AI automation. The Oracle SD-WAN can also be an overlay technology so it is not a rip and replace of existing network devices.

Zoom is a leader in modern enterprise video communications, with a secure, easy platform for video and audio conferencing, messaging and webinars.

Join Parmesh Naidoo – Zoom Sub-Saharan Africa, Navi Reddy – Oracle Sales Consultant MEA, and Tim Pryce – Q-KON SA Business Development Exec, at 10am on 23 November, as they will discuss and provide insights into the necessity of SD-WAN in our modern enterprise networks to support real-time applications such as Zoom meetings and webinars.

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